School Desks

School desks 

For over 40 years, Sharp has been supplying the UK education industry with bespoke furniture solutions that fulfil a broad range of classroom functions, from pupils’ desks to tables, teachers desks, exam desks and classroom chairs. 

When you purchase classroom desks from Sharp, you’re entering into a partnership with the one of the UK’s leading school furniture suppliers.   

We’ll consult with you every step of the way to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements, before recommending a comfortable, cost-effective solution that works for your staff, pupils and visitors alike.

Banks of white desks with task chairs in learning resources centre

School furniture: what to consider 

Each school has a different set of requirements, and no two classrooms are the same. When it comes to choosing the right desks for your school, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Budget - Before you start to look for desks, make sure you have a firm understanding of how much you’re able to spend. Education budgets are tight, and you need to ensure that you’re getting value for money. Start off by establishing how many desks you require, and work back from there. Establish a baseline cost, and then start to consider additional features and materials. At a bare minimum, you need to ensure that you have the correct number of desks to cover the number of chairs required. 
  • Shape and size - School furniture comes in all manner of shapes and sizes, from Nursery tables and chairs all the way through to teaching workstations . Take a look around your classrooms to gauge how each desk will fit into the room plan, and how they’re going to look placed next to each other. Where floorspace is limited, consider making smart use of the space provided to ensure that you’re coming in under budget. Take adequate measurements of your learning spaces and take note of the dimensions of any desks that you’re looking to buy, to make sure they meet your zoning requirements.   
  • Colour - Desks are an important feature of any learning environment, including the way in which they contribute to the overall aesthetic of the classroom. Colour code your desks with the rest of your classroom - bright colours inspire learning and help to create happy, comfortable educational spaces.  
White school desks with black chairs in college classroom with a mounted screen

Sharp’s range of school desks 

  • Classroom desks – Multi-shape, multi-colour desks designed to be durable and easy to maintain. 
  • Classroom tables – Rigid, multi-pupil tables with space for teachers in the centre and alcoves for chairs around the outside. 
  • Early years & Nursery furniture – Nursery tables and chairs built specifically for toddlers, with exacting health and safety standards. 
  • Height-adjustable desks – ‘Tuf Top’, fully-motorised desks designed to be moved around the classroom to accommodate various functions. 
  • Teachers’ desks – Large, adult desks that facilitate the latest in educational technology. 
  • Exam Desks – Single-purpose, standalone desks designed to provide comfort during exam scenarios. 
  • Workstations – Multi-purpose workstations to house IT equipment, including desktops, printers and scanners. 
Girl playing with sensory toys a at nursery play table