Man presenting at small workgroup hybrid meeting
Man presenting at small workgroup hybrid meeting

AV Solutions

From a single digital signage display, to multi-site video conferencing installations, Sharp’s AV solutions are suitable for all spaces and budgets.

Powerful audio visual technologies for any space

With a distinguished, proud history in audio visual solutions, Sharp manufactures some of the world’s most advanced flat screen display technology. 

Sharp's AV solutions are designed to make communication and education more meaningful in every environment they feature in. We work with all types of organisations, from start-ups to corporates & large enterprises. Sharp has AV solutions suitable for every private or public space, application and need, including: 

  • Digital interactive displays that enhance learning in classrooms and lecture spaces 
  • Collaborative AV solutions which facilitate teamwork and decision-making in corporate spaces, offices and boardrooms 
  • Compelling digital signage for driving communication in the hospitality and retail sectors 

Whether you’re looking for slick ways to deliver engaging presentations, impactful methods of displaying information or innovative meeting room solutions for video conferencing, Sharp has an AV solution to help you achieve your goals. Our dedicated teams also provide full professional system design, and AV installation services. 

Interactive displays: BIG PAD  

Our easy-to-use BIG PAD digital interactive whiteboards are ideal for collaborating, communicating and sharing across any business or educational establishment.  

  • Deliver catchy, engaging presentations  
  • Work together with up to 20 touch points 
  • Collaborate wirelessly from personal mobile devices 
  • Communicate from anywhere with remote connectivity 
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing software and hardware 
Meeting four people discussing with printer and tablet-Audio Visual-Lifestyle

Windows collaboration display 

Our award-winning Windows collaboration display takes teamwork to the next level, with premium features and integrated sensors to monitor your surroundings. 

  • Analyse meeting room conditions and usage with an IoT sensor hub 
  • Easy-to-use video conferencing with built-in microphones and 4K capable cameras 
  • Deliver powerful, collaborative presentations with 4K interactive displays 
  • Intuitive auto switching between pen, finger and palm, enabling a fluid presentation style 
  • Hold meetings effortlessly with ‘plug and play’ set up – simply plug in your devices and you’re ready to go! 
People in a videoconference

Digital signage displays  

Our high-resolution digital signage solutions deliver eye-catching messages to any environment where visual communication is essential. 

  • Deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time 
  • Professional standard design allows for up to 24/7 operation 
  • Capture your audience’s attention with stunning 4K and 8K resolutions 
  • Make the most of your space with landscape, portrait and horizontal installation options 
Colleagues working together hybrid working space

Video walls  

When you need to deliver impactful messages, multi-screen video walls make a big impression.  

  • Maximise effect with ultra slim bezels that reduce the distance between screens  
  • Display amazing detail over a large area without compromising on image quality 
  • Design a video wall in almost any size or format  
  • Impeccable display performance, even within brightly lit locations 
Airport with digital signage-Audio Visual-Lifestyle, Sharp

Why partner with Sharp for AV solutions?

As well as our award-winning and easy to use devices, Sharp has a fantastic friendly, professional team of audio visual experts to install and support your chosen AV solution.

AV installation services

Our experienced and dynamic AV consultants design custom AV solutions for each of our customers, while dedicated installation teams work with you to deliver installations to a high professional standard. Where necessary, your site will be surveyed pre-installation to ensure the absolute minimum of disruption to your organisation. 

Man drilling to install a screen on wall

Aftercare services

Following your installation, our AV Consultants provide specialist training to all users, to ensure you’re getting the most from your equipment. All of our AV services and solutions are thoroughly tested and expertly installed, but when something’s not working quite as it should be, we have dedicated audio visual service teams on hand to offer remote and onsite technical support, and help you get back up and running as soon as possible. 

For additional support, enhanced AV Care Packs are available, providing ultra-fast remote or onsite response to any queries or issues regarding your Sharp AV solutions.  

Friendly trainer delivering audio visual presentation