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For small to medium-sized businesses to larger enterprises

Photocopiers are an integral part of any office set-up, and as time goes on they are becoming more and more vital for business operations. As well as the standard photocopy functionality, many devices are now classed as multifunctional. They have the capability to print, scan and fax as well as simply photocopy. In addition to these basic functions, many photocopiers now staple, hole-punch and create booklets.

Efficiency and security at the touch of a button

We support security in digital transformation with features such as scan-to-email, to quickly and safely digitise paper workflows. By providing wireless connectivity, intuitive and customisable touchscreen interfaces, motion sensors, advanced data protection and more, we keep production moving while keeping your data secure.

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Intelligent collaboration across your business

Sharp’s range of photocopiers let you create high-quality documents and share them easily through smart connectivity, cloud-storage access and document distribution software - keeping projects on track and people in the know, wherever they are.  

So, whether you are sharing ideas with contributors on a project or sensitive information such as finance or legal papers, Sharp’s smart collaboration tools combined with market-leading security features allow you to get on with your projects effortlessly.

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As you grow, so can your Sharp photocopier

You can add optional extras to your Sharp photocopier to upgrade it as you scale up. Add functions such as hole punch, booklet-making, stapling and sorting. Need more memory? Add hard-drive memory storage on some devices and enable higher-volume printing capacity with additional paper drawers to manage the growing needs of your business. If you are in the design sector, for example, or need continuous print solutions for your products, a Sharp A3 photocopier or light production printer can manage the increase in workload with ease, leaving you to get on with the rest of your day.