AV Furniture

What is AV furniture? 

AV Furniture consists of audio visual equipment with meeting room hardware (such as tables or desks), combined to create mobile meeting solutions.  

When space is restricted and meeting rooms are in high demand, AV Furniture is the answer to many of the limitations of traditional working and learning environments. 

Team meeting with AV furniture table

AV furniture in the modern workplace 

The unprecedented growth in home working, and an increasingly mobile global workforce, has resulted in the need for hybrid meeting solutions to accommodate an ever-changing commercial environment. The new blend of working patterns calls for wholesale changes in office layouts - meeting spaces need to provide collaborative, social environments for presentations and video conferences. 

Free-standing, mobile AV Furniture helps to create an inspiring, future-proof environment to support dynamic, agile working practices. With AV solutions built into tables or AV stands and trollies, you can create productive, collaborative meeting spaces, without being restricted by permanent office layouts.  

AV Furniture is designed to be flexible enough to be utilised as a standalone solution in any working or learning space, or in conjunction with huddle furniture. 

Colleagues collaborating at mobile interactive screen

The benefits of AV furniture 

  • Increase meeting space availability in more accessible areas 
  • Kit out more areas with video conferencing facilities 
  • Reduce the need for physical meeting rooms  
  • Create dynamic working environments that evolve with your business 
  • Develop meeting room pods that aren’t restricted by office layout 
  • Eliminate the need for permanent meeting room furniture or screens fixed with AV wall mounts  
  • Display your brand message, wherever it needs to be seen 
  • Reduce the need for travel and associated costs, and lessen your organisation’s environmental impact
  • Improve accessibility for disabled workers who may find it difficult to access wall mounted screens or physical meeting rooms 
Team meeting writing on interactive screen

What types of AV furniture solutions are available? 

There are many different types of office furniture solutions with integrated audio-visual equipment that are suitable for different spaces and applications.  

  • Collaborative Furniture - Designed to create a flexible environment for communication, collaboration and creativity, Collaborative Furniture usually comprises a desk or table, with an integrated screen and multiple chairs. A form of mobile meeting room, Collaborative Furniture is ideal for creating a space for teams to work together on projects, share ideas and make decisions. Typically less expensive than a fully- furnished meeting room, it offers a more versatile way of using the space in your building.

  • Huddle Furniture - For smaller, more spontaneous meetings which don’t require a full meeting room solution, Huddle Furniture is the perfect solution. Usually Huddle Furniture refers to a small desk, integrated screen, and 2 or 3 seats. Less formal than a large meeting room or boardroom, Huddle Furniture provides a versatile environment for a quick catch up or one-to-one. 

  • AV Stands and Cabinets - Free-standing AV Furniture offers convenience and versatility in one solution via a digital screen and stand or cabinet. They can be easily transported across or between rooms, allowing you to deliver dynamic and engaging content wherever you need it. AV stands can be used in furnished meeting rooms, office areas or training rooms without the need for permanent wall fixings. Once your meeting is finished, wheel it over to reception to display news or welcome messages to your visitors. 
Branded digital signage screen in reception area

Sharp’s Communicate & Collaborate range 

Sharp has a range of innovative and versatile AV Furniture solutions designed to facilitate communication and create the collaborative spaces required in modern working and learning environments.