Managed Print Services

Our specialist skills

Many organisations do not have the time, resources or specialist skills to manage their document production environment and print security effectively. This means a significant amount of time and money can be wasted on managing devices and consumables, while overall business performance slows down. 

As a result, many organisations are now utilising managed print services (MPS) as part of their document and print management strategy. But what is an MPS? In short, it means an external provider takes over responsibility for the management of your print environment and activities. The overarching aim of is to employ a centralised approach that eliminates unnecessary administration, keeps costs to a minimum and improves productivity. 

When looking at managed print services it is essential that your chosen partner has the experience, flexibility and technical expertise to provide a bespoke service for you; one that maximises the benefits of managed print services with optimised control and visibility of your printers and photocopiers


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Relieving the pain of print management

Sharp’s Managed Print Solutions are designed to make document production less expensive and workflow more effective by giving you affordable access to specialist print management skills and tools. The service components and service levels are all completely configurable and can be changed at any time. 

A managed print service brings new efficiencies to every task - from the moment you click on ‘print’, ‘scan’ or ‘copy’, to when you collect, distribute or store the finished document, and they often come with immediate cost savings. 

Our Managed Print Services are provided through a proven five-step process, starting with a thorough assessment of your print needs and expenses. We’ll then work with you to define and implement a strategy to manage and optimise your day-to-day printing and also support your future needs. By using this approach we can determine exactly how to add the most value to your business and the necessary experience to perfectly complement how you want to work. 

As a result you can: 

  • Reduce waste and costs – advanced managed print service software, such as MFP-based (server less) secure pull printing, can ensure better control of print and reduce volumes by up to 18%, without hindering productivity. It also enables accurate cost recovery and margin management against internal cost centres or project codes. 

  • Enhance productivity and performance – we can help you find new ways of doing things or optimise the performance of your existing processes and resources. Our latest MFPs offer fast reliable printing, easy to use functionality, and close integration with cloud applications and mobile devices. And we can keep your employees productive for longer with rapid problem resolution and automatic consumable order. 

  • Protect information and the environment – Sharp’s printers and photocopiers include advanced print security features that protect your information from a variety of threats during its creation, sharing and storage. They are also certified to meet RoHS, Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Energy Star, Nordic Swan and Blue Angel environmental criterion.