Office workers working at desks
Office workers working at desks

Learn About Photocopiers

Photocopiers are an essential element of the office that help with efficiency and security, whether a home office, small to medium-sized business, or an entire department or corporation.

Multifunction and all-in-one

No matter if you are starting small or equipping the office floor or print room, there are devices available to suit every need. 

Whether it’s a device that prints in black and white (mono) or a full-colour photocopier capable of copying, printing, scanning and faxing, there is a device for every organisation. Multifunction printers and copiers can help with digital transformation by connecting and storing data within cloud systems and protecting your information with advanced security technology.

Then with finishing options, including sorting, stapling, hole-punching and booklet-making, you can truly tailor your device to your needs, helping you stay secure, reduce waste and produce documents for your business requirements. 

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Desktop or office?

Basic desktop photocopiers and multifunction devices capable of producing high-quality documents sit comfortably at arm’s length, supporting low-capacity needs where space is limited. 

Larger office photocopiers assist businesses that need to make hundreds, even thousands of prints, copies or scans per day. In doing so, they can support multiple departments and print rooms with light production machines - particularly useful for high-volume environments.  

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Colour or black & white?

A basic desktop black and white photocopier may be all you need if your home office print requirements are minimal. Larger black and white photocopiers are particularly popular when printing high-volume, text-heavy documents such as invoices, memos and internal communications, making them the perfect choice for account departments or mailrooms, for example. 

Crisp and clear colour printing is available on desktop devices for home and small businesses, right through to large, high-capacity machines at a corporate organisation level. They’re ideal for printing in-house marketing and client-facing materials, and you can manage the costs with print management software. 

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Confidence in data security

Did you know that if left unprotected your print data can be the target of a malicious attack or tampering? Photocopiers can be equipped with a hard drive or SSD that stores all prints, scans and copies – it’s these copies that are susceptible. Many photocopiers and printers now offer a vast range of enhanced security measures to help protect sensitive information stored on company devices, fitted as standard, or as optional extras including; 

  • S/MIME encryption to prevent interception during email transmission. 

  • Programme execution control using whitelisting. 

  • Self-healing firmware for backing up settings and aiding recovery in the event of an attack. 

  • Serverless secure print release to ensure confidentiality. 

  • Audit trail logging and authentication rules. 

  • Security policy enforcement. 

When looking into your purchase options, be sure to assess the level of security you require in your business to ensure your device fully protects you. 

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Scale to the needs of your business

Consider your usage versus costs to help you determine what kind of device you need, and you can scale your photocopier or multifunction machine in line with your business growth and activity. Desktop photocopiers, for example, are available in full-colour models, and you can add finishing options like their larger high-capacity counterparts, so you can upgrade as required. As your needs grow, so can your device, additional drawers can be added to increase paper capacity, turning your desktop photocopier into a floor standing device with ease and little disruption. 

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