Interactive Touchscreen Tables

What are Interactive Touchscreen Tables?

We’ve taken a 32-inch full HD interactive screen, that you’d typically find mounted on a wall in a boardroom or classroom and turned it into an interactive tabletop. These touchscreen tables provide a new dimension to collaboration, by allowing groups to work together with the screen in the middle, rather than having a screen at the front of the room with a single presenter. 

With three devices in this new audio visual range from Sharp, each is an easy-to-use mobile screen solution designed with a variety of industries in mind: early years settings, care homes, architecture practices and design studios, and many more scenarios where the screens can add value.

Interactive touchscreen table being used by two people in collaboration


Interactive Touchscreen Table

Learn about the features and functionality of our range of interactive touchscreen tables

Technology built for the classroom and the boardroom

The devices use the latest Projected Capacitive (P-CAP) touch panels to give users a smooth writing and touch experience. The technology is so smart that it recognises up to 40 simultaneous touch-points, rejects accidental touching with palms, and can be used with gloves up to 1.4mm. The 32-inch full HD screen gives you the very best in picture quality, with the ability to enjoy and watch content in full HD.  

A built-in independently adjustable webcam and microphone on the Flex and Agile models, let you change camera angles easily - without changing the orientation or position of the screen, making it the perfect solution for flexible video conferencing. Ambient light technology adjusts screen brightness in line with brightness of the surrounding area, so you’ll always have the best. 

Interactive touchscreen table being used at 54 degrees for annotations

What type of interactive touchscreen tables are available?

There are three models in the Sharp range of interactive touchscreen tables

The Agile

The Agile Interactive Touchscreen Table sits at a fixed height and the screen can tilt from a vertical position to 54 degrees, making it perfect for either seated or standing use. The product is built from stylish powder-coated steel with easy-lock wheels and comes in two variations – with or without a battery pack. 

Sharp Agile Interactive Touchscreen Table

The Flex

The Flex Interactive Touchscreen Table works in exactly the same way as Agile to give schools, healthcare providers and businesses a battery powered or plug in tool for communication, teamwork, and learning. The Flex, as the name suggests, differs by giving users the added flexibility of using the product vertically or horizontally. Flex is also height adjustable, so it doesn’t matter if want to work seated or standing, the table can adapt to you. 

Sharp Agile Interactive Touchscreen Table

The Early Years

The Early Years Interactive Touchscreen Table is uniquely designed for use in early years education environments, such as nurseries, junior or pre-schools. The product sits at the perfect height for children, and the ability to use Yellow Door education apps, which cover key areas of the curriculum, including: numeracy, literacy, sensory, emotional well-being and pre-coding keeps children engaged in teaching and learning content.

Sharp Early Years Interactive Touchscreen Table

Key features of the touchscreen tables

  • Halo Protection System includes a screen surround with moulded round edges offering both screen and person protection.
  • Counterbalance Tilt System designed for safety and ease-of use. The counterbalance tilt enables the screen to tilt over 18-degree increments.
  • P-CAP Touchscreen with 40-point, palm rejection and glove support.
  • Powder-Coated Steel Frame offering stylish and minimalistic design for maximum stability.
  • Safety Wheels are smooth and light for easy manoeuvrability. They can be locked in safety when stationary.
  • Built-in Webcam (Agile and Flex) offering up-to 8-megapixel, full HD camera with a built-in microphone that can be angled independent of screen.
  • Safety Cables have been designed to disconnect if the interactive tables are accidentally moved whilst plugged in to prevent damage.
  • Battery Powered Device is powered by a medical grade lithium-Ion power system. It can be fully charged in 3 hours to provide 8 hours of use.
  • PIEZO Anti-Collision Detection (Flex only) automatically stops raising and lowering the screen when it meets a hard surface, it also backs off to avoid trapping.
Interctive table used for conference call

UK manufactured interactive touchscreen tables

The range of touch tables is designed and manufactured in the UK, ensuring the highest in product quality. The stylish steel frame is produced in white for a clean, modern, and minimalistic look and feel. Within, a polyester powder coating protects the frame for durability and strength.

Each of the available touch table devices are fully tried, tested, certified and compliant with rigorous UKCA standards. Toughened wipe-clean safety glass, and our halo protection system with its round moulded edges provide both screen and person protection from knocks in transit.

Counterbalance tilt technology provides a smooth and controlled user experience when changing device orientation, and the anti-collision detection sensor automatically stops the height-adjustable Flex when it meets resistance.

The frame itself sits on easy-lock wheels for stability on the move, and cables are fully enclosed to prevent trip hazards. A safety power disconnect cord prevents damage if the plug-in devices in the range are accidentally moved whilst plugged in too, so you can rest assured that you and your devices are safe.

interactive touch screen table being used in a meeting for collaboration