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Solutions By Company Size

Sharp has decades of experience in providing innovative and reliable technology solutions by company size, from start-ups to corporates & large enterprise.

Technology solutions for any organisation

Whether you’re a sole-trading boutique florist, or a large accountancy firm with hundreds of employees at sites across the UK, one thing all businesses have in common is the need for reliable, efficient technology.

Sharp technologies are designed for businesses of all sizes, from small independent start-ups to large multinational enterprises.

Solutions By Company Size:


Scalable. Affordable. Practical. For start-ups, these are important characteristics to consider when investing in new technology. Cloud-based services not only offer you the flexibility of hybrid working, but usually carry a fixed per month per user fee for easy budgeting. 

Data protection and cyber security is top of the agenda for all types of organisations but these are especially important concerns for start-up companies. Security breaches are far more harmful with a smaller budget. Having the right security measures in place, as well as educating your employees, is essential. 

At Sharp, we understand that your start-up requires you to play many roles – from Business Development Manager to Administration Assistant. With our range of hardware and IT Services, you can leave the nitty gritty to us. Our expert teams will take care of every aspect of your IT Support, and our smart proactive cloud-based services can provide you with everything you need to work confidently and productively anytime, anywhere.  

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Small to Medium Business 

As a small to medium business, you should ask any prospective technology partner the following questions:

  • Can your technology solutions grow with my business? 
  • Do you really understand my business? 
  • What are the payment terms? 
  • Can you help me accommodate new ways of working? 
  • What value can you add to my business? 

We know that your time is precious, and resources are finite, but investing in the right technology can help your SME operate efficiently and support its growth.  

At Sharp, we build commercial partnerships with all our clients – the majority of whom are small to medium businesses. We ensure that any new product or service delivers a performance improvement for the business from productivity-enhancing managed print services to customer-centric IT Support

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Corporates & Large Enterprise

The technological requirements of Corporates & Large Enterprises are often complex, with multiple stakeholders across numerous sites and departments. 

Large businesses need to consider new systems and work spaces alongside established processes to accommodate hybrid meetings and remote working. 

Whether it’s a matter of streamlining existing processes, upgrading current equipment, expanding premises, or investing in a brand-new project, our solutions create effective workplaces wherever they’re implemented. Our comprehensive range includes audio visual solutions with state-of-the-art video conferencing systems to support new meeting environments, and visitor management systems for compliant and secure workplaces. We work with corporate organisations from a broad range of industries, providing tailored solutions to meet their complex business needs. 

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Why choose Sharp as your technology partner?     

We are a trusted global brand who pride ourselves on a friendly and personal approach, getting to know each of our customers and exceeding their expectations with award-winning products and high-quality solutions.  

Every business is unique. We take the time to understand you and your objectives, and design dependable solutions to support your business now and in the future. 

As a manufacturer and service provider, we’ll provide you with all the hardware, software and support you need, making us the ideal technology partner. 

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