People working at desks
People working at desks

Document & Print Management

A suite of secure, configurable services that bring new efficiencies to every part of the document management workflow, improving productivity, reducing costs, enhancing collaboration and enabling greater mobility.

Unlock the real value of your information

Information is the lifeblood of any modern organisation and your greatest asset – IF you can produce, access, share and use it whenever and wherever you need to. 

At Sharp, we understand the strategic and technical challenges you can face in trying to achieve this goal. We can provide the expertise and tools you need to create a more collaborative, productive and engaging work environment and unlock the real value of your information. 

From storage and archiving, to searching and sharing – on paper or in the cloud, and in the office or on the go – we have the Document & Print Management solutions and services essential to compete in the digital age. Whether that’s to improve efficiency, or to secure your information with print security and document security

Document management designed for you

Sharp Document Services go far beyond the traditional print management services you may be familiar with. They’re a suite of secure, configurable services that bring new efficiencies to every part of your document management workflow, from the moment a document is created to when it’s securely archived, and everywhere in-between. 

We can help you improve productivity and reduce human error by automating manual workflow, for instance. Plus, we can reduce your printing costs and show you how our document services can let you share information more easily, unlocking the information you need to make confident, fact-based decisions. If you want to maximise the potential of your mobile workforce, we can help with that too using a choice of mobile printing solutions. And, if you do not have the time, resource or specialist skills needed to manage your printer fleet effectively, we can do it all for you through our managed print services – which can bring immediate cost savings of up to 30%*. 

Importantly, Sharp’s Document Services cover all types of printers and photocopiers as standard, and everything is tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation. If you partner with us we’ll work with you to develop new ways for you to get the most value from the information that flows into and around your organisation. 

It all starts with a process of discovery and investigation. Our Digital Transformation team will work with you understand how you presently use documents, your processes, how documents enter your business and move through your departments and how they’re shared. We will look to understand your vision, your needs and priorities, and where you currently encounter challenges. With these insights, we can design a fully tailored Document & Print Management service that not only streamlines your printing but improves the process, helping reduce cost and impact on staff time. 

* “Active Print Management Initiatives Can Cut Your Office Print Costs by 10% to 30%", Gartner 2013 

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