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Key features of the Sharp MX-M905 High-Performance print MFP

The Sharp MX-M905 is an easy-to-use print system offering print speeds of up to 90 pages per minute. Here we look at the other features it has to offer.

The Sharp MX-M905 is the latest addition to the established range of high-speed monochrome Multifunctional Printers (MFPs) designed for high-volume environments, where reliability and ease of use are essential.

Along with being capable of printing 90 pages per minute, you’ll find it comes with a host of feed and finishing options, while the intuitive controls make it ideal for multiple users in a variety of locations.

But what exactly are the key features of the Sharp MX-M905? Here we take a look under the hood to find out more:

Sharp MX-M905: No Print Room

Many large high-volume printers often require a dedicated print room and trained operators. To get the full benefit of print room technology without any of the drawbacks, you need something different, which is why we developed the Sharp MX-M905. This is a light production print system designed for the office, accessible by anyone who needs it.

Sharp MX-M905: Premium Print Quality

The rugged, high-volume MFP produces consistent quality whether printing on A4 or A3 of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. Print speeds of up to 90 ppm for A4 and 47 ppm for A3, make sure even the largest print jobs are completed in time.

What’s more, the use of dithering technology helps keep business graphics looking consistently sharp, regardless of complexity.

Sharp MX-M905: Ease of use

From its intuitive controls, to its simple but effective advanced settings, the Sharp MX-M905 has been designed for ease of use. We believe that colleagues and visitors can simply walk-up to the MFP, print, scan, copy or fax their work with no need for training, the interface is that easy to use.

Users access the MFP using the large 10.1-inch control panel, which tilts for operator comfort, while displaying an interface that makes it easy to view and edit jobs before printing. The control panel is fully customisable, allowing users to create home screens complete with and to their favourite and most frequently used features. For optimum flexibility, the add-on keyboard allows for quick and effortless data entry.

For even more flexibility, we have fitted a USB port so users you don’t even need to be connected to a computer, as they can scan or print from USB key. The MX-M905 supports the printing of common file formats, including those from Microsoft Office as well as PDFs and various graphics files.

Sharp MX-M905: Security

Sharp takes security seriously that is why we protect your network and data with industry-leading security. This includes four progressively comprehensive layers of protection, along with robust user authentication. Using TSL/SSL, IPsec and network protocol filtering as standard, it’s easy to increase security with administrator password protection, encrypted storage and secure data erasure. The MX-M905 even supports secure print release services, so nothing is printed until you are ready to collect your work and only then once you’ve entered your password.

Sharp MX-M905: Cloud and Mobile solutions 

The Sharp MX-M905 has been designed to work with the most flexible and fluid of offices. To this end, scanning and printing from public cloud services is simple and convenient using the Single Sign On option, while Sharpdesk Mobile, our mobile printing and scanning application, allows user to connect to the MX-M905 via wireless network using their iOS, Android, or Windows device.

Once connected, users can easily print emails, attachments and webpages from supported mobile devices, as well as scan, email, fax, and save files from the MFP to a mobile device.

If you would like to know more about how the Sharp MX-M905 can help enhance your office environment, please Get in Touch to arrange a demonstration.


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