Sharp IT Services Recertified Against the Latest ISO27001 Standard

We are pleased to announce that Sharp UK’s IT Services Division have been recertified for ISO27001, achieving the latest standard ISO27001:2022. In this piece, Matt Riley, Director of Transformation and Security at Sharp UK talks about the significance of this certification, the importance of staying vigilant and adapting to the latest security threats.

One of the biggest threats to information and cyber security isn’t from malicious actors, insider threats, malware, etc; it’s from over-confidence that you are fully prepared to detect potential problems and have ways to protect yourselves from the consequences. It is important that you are always pushing forward, adapting to the latest threats, and seeing security as a journey, not a destination – sitting still in comfort  is the point when you are at the highest risk. 

This leads to several questions: How do I know what good looks like? What is good security practice? What will help me protect my organisation? Various UK and international standards can be used to measure “good” security practice and the most common ones in the UK are Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, and ISO27001. 

The previous ISO27001 standard was released in 2013 and a lot has changed since then. A new version of this standard was released in 2022 with the first companies certified in mid/late 2023. As a leading provider of Cyber Security Services, Sharp UK takes information security seriously and, at the first opportunity, we looked to upgrade to the latest standard. I’m delighted to announce that Sharp UK’s IT Services Division is now certified to the ISO27001:2022 standard,  demonstrating our ongoing commitment to protecting our data and that of our clients. 

However, despite achieving this standard it doesn’t mean we have reached this fictional “destination”, it does however mean that an independent certification body believes we are doing all the right things on that ever-evolving security journey!

When seeking an IT Services provider and Cyber Security partner, you should look to those who hold themselves to the highest security standard, which of course at Sharp UK we do.

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