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Sharp Energy Solutions Achieves New MCS Certifications for TOPCon Solar Modules in the UK

Sharp Energy Solutions Europe is pleased to announce the successful attainment of new Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certificates for its TOPCon modules. In obtaining the MCS certification, Sharp Energy Solutions ensures that these solar panels meet specific performance and quality criteria, including efficiency standards, electrical safety, durability, and other crucial features. This certification is instrumental in guaranteeing that the installed solar modules not only deliver the expected yield but also adhere to local construction regulations. Moreover, the MCS certification plays a pivotal role for end consumers, serving as a prerequisite for eligibility in government incentive programs and renewable energy subsidies.

The newly acquired MCS certifications encompass two distinct series of TOPCon modules, the NU-series and the NB-series. Each certification underscores Sharp Energy Solutions' dedication to meeting the diverse needs of both residential and commercial markets.

For the residential sector, the MCS certification is granted for the NU-series, featuring 108 half-cells and dimensions of 1722 x 1134mm. This series includes two variants: the NU-JC420B/425B, presented as a sleek full-black version, and the NU-JC435, distinguished by a white film and black frame. These modules are designed to bring efficiency and aesthetic appeal to residential solar solutions.

In addition to the residential modules, Sharp Energy Solutions has achieved MCS certification for the commercial market with the NB-series. This series boasts bifacial glass-glass modules, equipped with 144 half-cells and dimensions of 2278 x 1134mm. The commercial offerings, NB-JD570/575/580, are engineered to maximize energy production by harnessing sunlight from both sides of the module.

"The successful acquisition of MCS certificates for our TOPCon solar panels is a testament to Sharp Energy Solutions' Europe ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability in the solar energy sector," said Andrew Lee, Sales Director EMEA, SHARP Energy Solutions Europe. "We are excited to bring these certified solutions to the UK market, empowering both residential and commercial customers with advanced solar technology by Sharp."

The MCS certification of TOPCon modules for the UK market reinforces Sharp Energy Solutions' position as a reliable and forward-thinking provider in the renewable energy landscape. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, Sharp Energy Solutions continues to lead the way in delivering state-of-the-art solar solutions.

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