Sharp at Intersolar: Unveiling highly-efficient solar modules for earth and space

Sharp Energy Solutions Europe is presenting its solar panel solutions and latest R&D technologies at this year's Intersolar 2024 in Munich (June 19 - 21). 

"We are looking forward to this year’s Intersolar Europe and to welcoming visitors to booth A1.580 in Munich from June 19 to 21," reports Andrew Lee, Vice President Commercial Operations, Sharp Energy Solutions Europe. “This year is very special to us, as we celebrate 65 years of Sharp Solar’s presence worldwide and more than  30 years in Europe. Sharp has been and remains a pioneer in terms of its visionary approach and innovation. We invite visitors to discover our new bifacial double-glass modules, the residential line-up, to explore our latest R&D highlights, and to find out about collaboration opportunities in the project business.”

At the forefront: Sharps Rectangular n-Type TOPCon M10R and G12R modules 
Sharp is presenting a complete overhaul of the entire module portfolio at the trade fair. Three new n-Type TOPCon monocrystalline silicon panels with M10R half cells (182.2mmx183.75mm) are already available to order. The NU-JC440 440W panel comes with a sleek black frame and a white backsheet, while the 430W all-black NU-JC430B module features a black backsheet and a black frame. Sharp is also presenting the new bifacial NB-JD585 glass/glass module for large-scale projects.

In addition, there is a display of the new bifacial glass/glass line-up with G12R cells (182.2 mm x 210 mm)  with a wattage of 610W for free-field installations and up to 445W for residential applications.

World Record Compound Technology
Other highlights include two groundbreaking compound technologies that have the potential to significantly influence the future of solar energy.

Improving Efficiency with Compound Triple-Junction Solar Cells 
Sharp’s triple-junction solar cells achieve an outstanding conversion efficiency of 32.65%. These cells have already proven their worth in space applications and recently powered JAXA’s (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) lunar mission in January 2024.

Pushing Boundaries with Tandem-Junction/Silicon Stacked Solar Cells
The next level in compound technology is a combination of tandem double-junction solar cell modules and silicon solar cell modules, with an outstanding conversion efficiency of 33.66%, these will be exhibited for the first time in Europe at Intersolar. This innovative solution sets new standards in solar technology.

Sharp invites you to visit the A1.580 booth at Intersolar and learn more about the latest innovations and technologies.

Flexible project cooperation
Sharp also offers flexible cooperation solutions for project business. In addition to its products, Sharp also has experience in photovoltaic project business, especially in technical planning, and has extensive expertise in free-field PV system project development. Sharp can manage project implementation and has an extensive network of investors available for the sale of turnkey projects. For projects not covered by EEG compensation, Sharp offers access to electricity consumers (PPA contracts). By working together, Sharp partners can benefit from the advantages that Sharp, as a module supplier, can contribute to partnerships: with direct access to production capacity and financial participation as just two examples.


For more information please visit:

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About Sharp Energy Solutions 

Sharp is one of the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturers and has been a driving force behind the use of photovoltaic technologies for 65 years. Sharp offers solar modules for the environmentally conscious energy production. To date, Sharp has delivered more than 50 million PV modules worldwide. Sharp’s portfolio of high-performance PV panels is built for residential, commercial, and free-field installations. Working with partners in advanced engineering sectors including aviation, astronautics, and the e-mobility industry, Sharp continuously proves innovative strength with new solar applications. Sharp has been active as an EPC in the project business worldwide, working alongside partners on the development of PV projects. Sharp seeks and acquires project rights at every development stage and offers partners direct access to production capacities and financing options.