Bernhard Wohlfahrt GmbH & Co KG and Sharp Energy Solutions Europe announce partnership in the solar business

Bernhard Wohlfahrt GmbH & Co KG and Sharp Energy Solutions Europe are pleased to announce their collaboration in the field of solar energy.

Bernhard Wohlfarth GmbH & Co. KG is a traditional company that was founded in Germany in 1924 and today forms part of the BruderGruppe. The company has been actively involved in renewable energy for over two decades. The main activities of Bernhard Wohlfahrt GmbH & Co KG focus on providing services to specialist trades and craftsmen.

As a leading provider of solar modules, the company acts as a link between manufacturers and customers, offering a wide range of services. While the company is active in B2B business and focuses on trade, it also offers tailored solutions for small-scale installations, where customers can access services for planning proposals, design proposals, and support for the intelligent networking of various energy systems.

A variety of solar modules, including the NU-JC415 and NU-JC415B, have already been delivered as part of the partnership with Sharp Energy Solutions Europe. In the future, the portfolio will be expanded to include the highly efficient n-type TOPCon monocrystalline photovoltaic panel with 435W power, an elegant black frame and white backsheet.

Hans Nietsch, Specialist Consultant for Building Services Engineering / Renewable Energies and Team Leader for Renewable Energies & E-Mobility at Bernhard Wohlfahrt GmbH & Co KG, explained: "Bernhard Wohlfahrt GmbH & Co KG's decision to choose Sharp solar modules is based on various factors that the company considers extremely advantageous for its business. As a reputable brand partner, Sharp provides a strong reputation and quality assurance, which strengthens customer confidence.”

“By sourcing directly from the manufacturer, Bernhard Wohlfahrt GmbH & Co KG can rely on clear and transparent delivery and terms. The reliability of deliveries is another plus point that makes the partnership with Sharp particularly attractive for Bernhard Wohlfahrt GmbH & Co KG. The feedback from installers regarding the manufacturing quality and ease of installation of Sharp solar modules has been consistently positive, which further enhances customer satisfaction."


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About Sharp Energy Solutions
Sharp is one of the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturers and has been a driving force behind the use of photovoltaic technologies for 65 years. Sharp offers solar modules for the environmentally conscious energy production. To date, Sharp has delivered more than 50 million PV modules worldwide. Sharp’s portfolio of high-performance PV panels is built for residential, commercial, and free-field installations. Working with partners in advanced engineering sectors including aviation, astronautics, and the e-mobility industry, Sharp continuously proves innovative strength with new solar applications. Sharp has been active as an EPC in the project business worldwide, working alongside partners on the development of PV projects. Sharp seeks and acquires project rights at every development stage and offers partners direct access to production capacities and financing options.