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IT Support Leeds

Organisations and businesses looking for IT support in Leeds can rely on Sharp's expertise when it comes to our local IT services. Our services are designed with our clients in mind. We'll assess your organisation and business, creating a detailed IT roadmap for you. 

We take a multi-layered approach to IT and security. Our IT support means you can rely on a technology partner who is not only an expert in IT services but also Audio Visual Solutions, Managed Print and Software Solutions. 


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IT Services Leeds

Dedicated IT Services for organisations and businesses in Leeds

Managed IT in Leeds

We take a tailored approach to our Managed IT Services. As an IT expert, we focus on providing you with the services you need, so you'll only pay for what you use. We'll also focus on efficiency and productivity, to ensure your IT runs smoothly and there is minimal downtime.

We cater for organisations of any size or age, aiming to support them in their technology and IT journey. 

Our Wakefield team, located within just a few miles of Leeds, are there to support you by offering on-site technical consultation and helpdesk support. Whether you are wanting to outsource your IT or add an extra layer of support for an existing team, we can find a balance to suit your needs. 

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Cyber Security Services in Leeds

Organisations and businesses need to be on top of cyber threats in an evolving digital landscape. Working with an IT service partner who can support you with all your Cyber Security needs is key. Our IT experts are well informed and keep up to date with the latest cyber threats and how to secure your organisation against them. We aim to remove the uncertainty SMEs and IT Managers may feel when it comes to Cyber Security. 

Our teams providing IT support in Leeds can support you with Cyber Security. We'll assess your current state and with our expertise we can work together to put defences in place to mitigate new and evolving threats. 

We work with you to keep your organisation and data protected with reliable and evolving Cyber Security defences. 

Our wide range of IT Service in Leeds include:

Cyber Security

IT Solutions in Leeds

Our team are experts in everything from cloud-based accounting software to Microsoft Azure. Our selection of IT software includes Microsoft 365, Power Platforms, Power BI, ERP and Business Central. Our partnerships with many software vendors means if it's not in our existing software portfolio we can support you in finding it. 

It's critical that organisations are investing in the right IT solutions so it not only has longevity but maximises efficiency and productivity. Working with a partner like us means we help you select right solutions for your needs and ensure you get the most value and return on investment from it. Our technical experts can support you through the selection and implementation process, embedding software and tooling in your organisation. 

As a member of the Microsoft partner network we have access to leading software which we can support you in implementing. So, you can gain efficiencies and improve the productivity of your organisation


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Dedicated and Expert IT Support Leeds

Our local and friendly approach means we get to know our clients, curating detailed IT roadmaps to ensure we plan for now and the future. This mainly covers IT infrastructure, but we also look at the wider technology and end-points in the workplace, for example Audio Visual and Print

Our local team close to Leeds, will work with you to understand your organisation. They'll get to know you and your teams to ensure they build a strong relationship and can be there to support whenever you need them. This approach ensures we are abreast with your organisation and how you work, putting us in the best position to ensure we implement the right technology and IT support for you. 

Our wider portfolio including AV, Printers and Furniture means we can provide support from our wider Sharp team. We'll be able to look at your technology holistically with every end-point and device in mind. Should you wish we'll also be able to advise on the design of your physical workplace to ensure you have technology integrated seamlessly and are maximising productivity.   

We also keep on top of trends and developing technology so we can pass this knowledge onto you through our webinars. Where we discuss developments across Microsoft Copilot and AI Cyber Security.

24/7 Helpdesk Support in Leeds

At Sharp we want to maximise uptime, that's why we have local IT support desks close to Leeds. It's important our clients know they can pick up the phone for fast and effective IT support. Once a ticket is raised, we will endeavour to find a solution quickly. However, our detailed escalation procedures are in place to ensure that we can resolve problems in a timely manner. 

Our helpdesk close to Leeds is open from 8am to 6pm. However, we understand that many clients work outside of business hours. That means we also offer IT support via our 24/7 helpdesk as another service. 

We are here to minimise downtime and offer friendly and proactive IT support for organisations in Leeds. 

Cloud Solutions for Leeds

Our Cloud solutions are essential for businesses and organisations in Leeds. Cloud solutions are growing ever more popular as there is a shift away from on-premise infrastructure. This transition is not always simple, that's why at Sharp we support our clients in migrating to cloud solutions. We encourage and do this because you can benefit from increased security and cost savings by moving away from on-premise. 


Outsourced IT support in Leeds

No organisation or business is the same. An existing IT team may be looking for additional support or they have no existing IT manager at all. That's why our approach is focused on tailoring our IT support to each client. We create varying levels of support dependant on needs. Put simply we make our IT support and services tailored to you. 

For example, we can support an existing team or take control of all your IT needs. Our outsourced IT support acts to support you however you need it. 

It's key to us that we take away the challenges and workload that comes with IT, leaving you to focus on what matters most. We provide peace of mind with our reliable and local experts taking care of you and your organisations IT support. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery for Leeds

Should you experience a cyber attack or natural disaster you want an IT partner who can be there to support you and get your IT services moving again. At Sharp our approach is proactive, and we work with you to get you prepared for the unexpected. This is not only to minimise impact, should an unexpected event occur but also to ensure we prevent them happening in the first place, for example through cyber security training and protection. 

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery services involve comprehensive IT disaster recovery planning. Our plans explore: goals, responsibilities, inventory and procedures. Alongside the plan we also recommend solutions and support to protect and secure your data. 

Cyber Security for Leeds

Many organisations do not consider that a cyber attack could happen to them. With news stories in the headlines mainly covering larger organisations it can sometimes be missed of an SMEs agenda. At Sharp we are passionate about educating our clients on the threats they face and the importance of taking them seriously and continuously training their employees.

Our multi-layered approach to Cyber Security covers both infrastructure and training. We offer a range of Cyber Security Services to organisations and businesses based locally in Leeds. Our passion for end-user education means we focus on training whilst also ensuring the right infrastructure and mitigation is in place to protect our clients against risks and attacks., We encourage every organisation and business, big or small to ensure they have the correct Cyber Security Services in place. 

Our experts based in Wakefield and local to Leeds, have a thorough understanding of Cyber Security and what good looks like. We'll work collaboratively to ensure we have the right approach and levels of security in place, evolving this as threats do. 

Microsoft Azure and IT Software for Leeds

Organisations can be uncertain about the right investments to make in both IT and technology. The task of selecting a solution that is both cost effective and delivers what it needs to can be challenging. In addition, making the wrong investment decision can be costly for organisations and businesses. 

Our advice is to always speak to IT experts, they can advise on the software available to make sure it does what it needs to from a cyber security and operational perspective. 

We not only support our clients in selecting the right software but we also support them in ensuring they get maximum value from an investment. Our status as a Microsoft partner means we have some of the best software products, pricing and expertise available to ensure we work with you to choose the correct software for your organisation. 

Our portfolio ranges from cloud-based accounting, virtual desktops, business applications, ERP and Power Platforms, including Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate. Our friendly and straightforward approach means we are well placed to advise you on the software you do and don't need. 

Unified Communications in Leeds

It's important organisations consider the rise and challenges of hybrid and remote working in their IT strategy. It's key to ensure that you have the correct technology in place to support remote and distanced teams, ensuring collaboration from the physical office or at home.

Our Unified Communications solutions cover cloud-based software, telephony and video conferencing. Our team of technical experts will look at your current infrastructure and solutions to explore how it is supporting collaboration and communication. They can then work alongside you to make the right investments and improvements to ensure you are set up to support new and changing ways of working. 

A bit about us

At Sharp we are experts in IT services, but we also act as a workplace technology partner for our clients. Our history in providing exceptional Managed Print services means we know the workplace and the technology it needs to thrive. We bring together our solutions, tailored around our client’s workplace. 

We have IT support teams close to Leeds but also across England. From IT services to Audio Visual solutions, we support our clients in transforming their workplaces, bringing technology and people together. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you. 

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55% of SMEs

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