EFI Fiery

Sharp’s light production print devices are compatible with EFI Fiery software, including: EFI Fiery Colour Profiler Suite, EFI Fiery Compose, EFI Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition, EFI Fiery Impose and EFI Fiery Print Controller.

EFI Fiery Colour Profiler Suite Fiery Colour Profiler Suite is an integrated colour management solution that allows you to successfully match colour to a specified colour standard, and to maintain that standard over time across your production site. In addition, Colour Profiler Suite includes expert level tools to validate against industry standards, generate best-in-class device link profiles for even more critical colour matching requirements, and match multiple printers to achieve site wide consistency.

EFI Fiery Compose Fiery® Compose provides Fiery with an advanced preview and editing environment. Its wide range of sophisticated document composition tools and advanced WYSIWYG user interface improve document verification, speed up composition, and enable less experienced operators to perform complex document functions.

Since Compose launches from Fiery Command WorkStation 5, it’s flexible enough to run on a desktop or locally at the Fiery using Sharp touchscreen.

In addition, sophisticated tools with familiar Fiery-inspired user interfaces reduce training requirements and increase the operator’s resource base.

EFI Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition In the graphic arts environment, achieving great, high-quality colour every time is critical. Whether a job is produced on a digital or offset press or both, the Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition supplied by Sharp provides the most comprehensive tools that enable graphic art professionals to achieve consistently accurate colour and the highest quality print. It also adheres to industry standards and simulates the characteristics of other output devices while achieving optimal workflow.

Optimising the proofing process can help better manage increasingly shorter turnaround times. Users save time and money with a visual review of all file elements with Fiery ImageViewer. Local and remote soft proofing and intuitive colour editing capabilities also enable fast preview of rasterized files and correction of potential problems before committing the file to print.

EFI Fiery Impose Fiery Impose is an intuitive WYSIWYG solution designed for production environments. The robust toolset delivers a fast, automated approach to time consuming and tedious tasks that leave operators open to errors. With Impose, designers don't need to worry about including imposition settings; they can delegate this activity to operators at production time, enabling them to take advantage of the fast, accurate document imposition capabilities.

Fiery Impose extends the driver-based imposition capabilities offered by Booklet Maker and includes content editing capabilities without modifying native files, adding or deleting pages, and the ability to do a pre-flight check for potential errors.

EFI Fiery Print Contoller When it comes to getting the best out of production-class digital printing equipment, nothing can match the power and precision of EFI Fiery's print controller (MX-PE10). Add the MX-PE10 to your Sharp production-class printing system to benefit from total colour print control achieved through powerful processing technology, seamless integration with Adobe technology and the Fiery SmartRIP.

The award winning Command WorkStation is an intuitive print job management interface which makes as easy as possible, even for inexperienced operators. It centralises job management and its powerful preview functions let you check layouts; add, delete, re-order and merge pages, and view detailed job summaries.

Key features

  • Total colour print control
  • Powerful processing technology
  • Precise production class printing
  • Integrated colour management solution
  • Accurate, consistent and reliable colour reproduction