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Sharp Energy Solutions Europe Announces New Business Partnership with Greek Distributor Cocoon

Sharp Energy Solutions Europe is pleased to announce a new business partnership with Cocoon, a prominent distributor based in Greece. The partnership aims to strengthen the distribution network and expand the market share for solar modules in Greece.

The agreement between Sharp Energy Solutions Europe and Cocoon entails the delivery of solar modules exclusively installed in Greece, focusing on both commercial/industrial and free field projects.

Cocoon has chosen Sharp Energy Solutions Europe as its preferred module supplier due to Sharp’s exceptional reputation for high-quality modules and excellent service.

Cocoon CEO Karman Tang comments on the partnership: “The direct contact with Sharp has demonstrated the level of support and professionalism we expect. This partnership with Sharp helps our company provide the domestic market with excellent, long-lasting solar panels. We have been looking for such an opportunity for a long time.”

Martin Morschek, Regional Sales Manager of Sharp Energy Solutions Europe, expressed his satisfaction with the deal, stating: “We greatly appreciate Cocoon’s trust in our products and are confident that this collaboration will contribute to enhancing our network and market share in the Greek PV sector. Through this partnership, we are dedicated to making significant contributions to the solar market in Greece.”

Cocoon, renowned for its commitment to excellence and conservative business approach, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the partnership. With a focus on the distribution of solar solutions, Cocoon’s mission aligns perfectly with Sharp Energy Solutions Europe’s goal of promoting sustainable energy solutions in Greece.

The co-operation between Sharp Energy Solutions Europe and Cocoon commenced in June, during INTERSOLAR, where both companies agreed to establish a direct sales partnership. As part of the collaboration, Sharp Energy Solutions Europe will act as the sole module supplier, while Cocoon will leverage its extensive distribution network to ensure the successful delivery and installation of the solar modules. 

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About Sharp Energy Solutions 
Sharp is one of the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturers and has been a driving force behind the use of photovoltaic technologies for 60 years. Sharp offers solar modules for the environmentally conscious energy production. To date, Sharp has delivered more than 50 million PV modules worldwide. Sharp’s portfolio of high-performance PV panels is built for residential, commercial, and free-field installations. Working with partners in advanced engineering sectors including aviation, astronautics, and the e-mobility industry, Sharp continuously proves innovative strength with new solar applications. Sharp has been active as an EPC in the project business worldwide, working alongside partners on the development of PV projects. Sharp seeks and acquires project rights at every development stage and offers partners direct access to production capacities and financing options. 

About Cocoon 
Established in 2005, Cocoon is Greece’s leading distributor of renewable energy products and solutions. Cocoon closely monitors new developments in the renewable energy industry and brings the latest technologies to the Greek market, including but not limited to PERC, Half-Cell and TOPcon 16 busbar technologies. Cocoon’s long-standing presence in the market offers a wide range of products, including solar panels, inverters, batteries, and mounting systems. Cocoon also provides installation and maintenance services for residential, industrial and commercial applications, including large investments in photovoltaic parks. 
When it comes to solar panels, Cocoon is an official distributor of SHARP. Cocoon brings the entire range of SHARP solar panels to the domestic market. SHARP offers long-lasting, high-efficiency solar panels with great technical support and fast delivery for any products unavailable in Cocoon’s warehouses. Cocoon also can support any type of demand and case: stand-alone systems, net metering, photovoltaic parks and more.