PaperCut MF - Print Management Software

What is PaperCut MF? 

PaperCut MF is a print management solution that allows organisations to manage print devices more effectively by increasing print security and efficiency, reducing waste, and saving money. 

Papercut MF display panel

How does it work?  

PaperCut MF is very easy to deploy and use. PaperCut software integrates directly with your existing print devices to intercept print jobs as they pass into your organisation’s print queues. Users then sign in with a fob, ID card or email address to release their job. Print data can be accessed by administrators via an intuitive web portal, and by standard users direct from the print device’s control panel. 

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Who is it for?  

No matter the size of your organisation or the type of work you do, PaperCut makes printing quicker, less expensive, and better for the environment.  

Small and Medium sized businesses. For start-ups and SMEs with no print policies or accountability in place, the cost of print supplies such as paper, ink or toner can be expensive. PaperCut reduces costs by providing full visibility and tracking with tools such as duplex or mono print controls, to help you make positive changes.  

Larger organisations. Larger organisations print a lot. Print devices run lengthy jobs and need to operate uninterrupted. PaperCut uses intelligent failover procedures and server restoration to actively prevent downtime.  

Schools. With the average school student wasting over 3,000 sheets of paper each year, school print costs can be high, and damaging to the environment. PaperCut software helps schools reduce waste by granting administrators full insight, allowing them to promote responsible print behaviours.  

Higher education. With thousands of students and staff requiring print access for large assignments and projects, college and university print budgets can soon escalate. PaperCut helps higher education institutions reduce costs by integrating with card readers and payment vendors, letting users pay-as-they-go. 

Man in medium sized business using Papercut MF

What are the benefits? 

By actively monitoring and managing your printing, PaperCut MF lets you: 

  • Prioritise security – follow-me print software allows users to print to a single print queue and release their job at a device of their choosing. PaperCut MF’s secure print release functionality requires authentication at the device with a login, ID card or fob, ensuring sensitive business documents or confidential customer information is kept safe.   

  • Maintain control – users can track and manage their print use directly from the device control panel. Administrators can easily monitor logs by user, department or device from the tracking and reporting home screen. The print management software integrates with your user directories – such as Active Directory – so that user details can be automatically imported.  

  • Have greater flexibility - PaperCut MF gives your people the flexibility to print how they want. It supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies with smartphone, tablet, Chromebook and laptop compatibility, and tools like mobile printing, web print, email to print, Google Cloud and iOS print, with no loss of control or security. 

  • Save money & reduce waste – with full oversight, you’ll be able to see the print habits of individuals and departments. This will allow you to enact policies and measures that restrict access to certain types of printing to save money, and minimise your organisation’s environmental impact.   

Small team meeting - PaperCut MF

PaperCut product comparison – which is right for you? 

PaperCut print management solutions are designed to help different organisations with different tasks:   

PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF are self-hosted and require a server, making them ideal for organisations with complex print environments. PaperCut NG can be set up and installed by you, and lets you track, charge, and manage printing functions. PaperCut MF expands on the functionality of PaperCut NG to track, charge, and manage print, copying, scanning, and offers secure print release. MF needs to be setup by a certified expert.  

PaperCut Pocket and PaperCut Hive sit within the cloud, so do not require servers or maintenance, making them highly suitable for organisations with a more simplistic print environment. 

PaperCut Pocket allows for self-setup, letting you track and manage printing via the PaperCut app. 

Like MF, PaperCut Hive needs to be installed by a certified expert and expands on Pockets functionality. You can track and manage print, copying, scanning and release jobs at the device via PaperCut’s app, an ID card, or the device’s touchscreen. 

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Why partner with Sharp? 

As a certified Papercut reseller, we support thousands of users with our PaperCut software in the UK. We’ll work with you to understand your businesses objectives, and draw on our decades of experience in the provision of cost-effective print management and managed print services to build a unique solution that helps you achieve them.

By partnering with Sharp you’ll have the backing of a leading and trusted print brand. We have a UK-based helpdesk that delivers friendly support in plain English, and a nationwide team of over 250 engineers, with teams local to every region of the country.

Sharp partnership - Papercut MF