8K 32 display press release

Sharp builds on 8K ecosystem with 32-inch professional colour management monitor

London - Sharp today expands its 8K ecosystem with the launch of a new 32” 8K professional colour management monitor - the 8M-B32C1. This highly innovative display is the only 8K 32” HDR (High Dynamic Range) monitor with 1000cd/m² peak brightness, providing exceptional clarity and colour grading for professional applications that demand supreme colour accuracy and high-quality image production.

The 8M-B32C1 is at the leading edge of professional colour management display performance, offering true 8K resolution with 33.2 million pixels (7680x4320 pixels) in a 16:9 aspect ratio, four times more than 4K Ultra HD and sixteen times the resolution of Full HD. The display delivers the next step-up in accurate picture reproduction, with precise imaging and high-quality colour consistency, providing optimal performance for professional environments, in sectors including photography, broadcasting, post production, imaging, medical education, CAD studio, defence and gaming production.

The 8K display offers exceptional picture quality and enhanced colour accuracy thanks to a wide colour-gamut and 10-bit extended colour range. The peak brightness of 1000 cd/m² expands the contrast range significantly when combined with HDR technology, making the bright parts of an image even brighter and adding greater black level. The combination of this technology provides extremely realistic imagery that is displayed exactly as originally intended, delivering significant benefits for creators in the film, broadcasting and media production industries.

The high display quality is supported by Sharp’s advanced Uniformity Calibration Correction Technology (UCCT) software, which instantly produces higher quality images by measuring inconsistencies and correcting them within the monitor, ensuring exceptional uniformity of white and colours. The Display Calibration Utility software for PC also allows users to adjust the colour more precisely, making this display ideal for creative fields.

To provide further image accuracy, the monitor includes additional colour and image management features, including luminance clipping, gamut warning, marker, focus peaking and false colour display, enabling the user to perfect every aspect of 8K images. The display offers both uncompressed and compressed bandwidths using the newest HDMI2.1 connectivity, supporting the latest professional production workflows and a full range of ultra-high definition features. 

Peter Heins, Senior Product Manager Sharp NEC Display Solutions, said: “We are proud to be leading the development of 8K technology with the latest addition to our 8K ecosystem. The new 32-inch 8K display supports a range of demanding professional applications and creates exciting opportunities by producing high quality imagery with the utmost precision and clarity at incredible value.”

The new model is available to buy now from Sharp and its partners. 

To find out more please visit www.sharp.co.uk