Copilot Functional Consultant

Copilot for Everyday: Business Central Functional Consultant

In our Microsoft Copilot blog - Copilot Champions: One Month with Copilot for Microsoft 365, we spoke about the internal working group we formed named the ‘Copilot Champions’ where various members of the team from our IT Services division trialled a pilot programme of Copilot for Microsoft 365, to gain greater insight into the technology, to enable us better educate our clients on its benefits. Read the blog for a recap of how their first month with Copilot for Microsoft 365 went. 

So far we have explored how Copilot has supported the roles of a Regional Sales Manager and Head of Managed and Professional Services. The next blog in our Copilot for Everyday blog series (where each Copilot Champion will explore how Copilot for Microsoft 365 supported their specific job roles) is from Nick Rose, Functional Consultant at Sharp UK.

As a Business Central Functional Consultant, I am responsible for designing and implementing solutions for our clients based on their business requirements and best practices. Working closely with the project managers, developers, and testers, I must ensure that the solutions are delivered on time, within budget, and with high quality.

One of the main challenges I face daily is to track the details and notes from the meetings with the clients and the internal team. With multiple projects running simultaneously, it can be hard to keep track of all the changes, issues, and feedback that arise during the project lifecycle. That's why I use Copilot to manage note-taking and task generation which enables me to be entirely focused on the meeting at hand.

How Copilot Has Helped My Role
Copilot was always going to be a journey, not a destination but as time progressed it became more engrained in my daily routine. It’s come to the fore in both time savings and more importantly, providing me and the team with data and information that previously we would not have time to generate, relying on memory or written notes to back up the requirements. 

Looking at the working week, the following Copilot tasks have contributed to my workday by both saving time and providing additional data and information: 

  • Teams meeting note-taking with Copilot: This feature allows me to record and transcribe the meetings with clients, and automatically generate a recap with the main topics, action items, and follow-ups, allowing me to be fully focused in the meeting without missing any important information. I can also use the Copilot chat to ask questions and get insights from the meeting data. Beyond creating summarised meeting notes which the client finds very helpful, it allows me to discern where the client was questioning and what features they are interested in.
  • Summarising email and Teams messages after being away: When I am out of the office for a day or two, Copilot helps me catch up with the important messages and updates from my colleagues and clients. It scans my inbox and Teams chats, summarises the key points, highlights the urgent and actionable items, and suggests replies and actions based on the context. This helps me be more efficient and responsive and avoid missing any critical information or deadlines.
  • Creation of training documents: Copilot is familiar with Microsoft applications such as Business Central and can assist me in creating clear and concise training documents for my clients. It can provide me with the correct prompts, steps, screenshots, and tips to explain the features and functionalities of the software and check for errors and inconsistencies in my document. This helps me produce high-quality training materials that are easy to follow and understand for my clients.

The Benefits of Copilot
Copilot is a powerful tool that can help me save time and effort in my daily tasks. It can automate the creation of meeting notes, email summaries, and training documents, which are all essential for my work. It can also provide me with valuable insights and suggestions based on the client's feedback and needs. 

By using copilot, I can focus on the core aspects of my job and deliver more value to my clients.

Copilot Champions: One Month with Copilot for Microsoft 365