5 Reasons Why Your Business Could Benefit from Hybrid Mail

5 Reasons Why Your Business Could Benefit From Hybrid Mail

Do you find that your business is spending too much time and resource sending out mail?  

What seems like a simple task can become overwhelming and take focus away from the core running of the business. If this is a familiar situation for you, you should consider Hybrid Mail, an online mail management solution designed to take away the pain points of manually sending traditional, physical mail. Here are the top five ways your organisation could benefit from Hybrid Mail:

Time Saving

Time is valuable in every business so finding ways to automate time-consuming, manual tasks will instantly add value to your business. Hybrid Mail allows you to streamline your mail plan by automating some of the processes for you. Normally, teams need to buy and organise printing supplies, print, pack and then add addresses to envelopes before finally waiting for collection or travelling to the nearest post office to drop off the mail. With Hybrid Mail, all you need to do is upload the document and address details, choose preferences and delivery options and then the rest is taken care of.

Saves Resource

By saving time, you’re also saving team resource. The people that would normally carry out the process of manually sending mail can now focus their time on more productive, business- critical tasks. Hybrid Mail is also more reliable and less prone to error with addresses being checked and validated by Royal Mail. With Hybrid Mail, despite having less involvement in the manual tasks, staff have even more control and visibility than they would with the traditional process. The management and reporting tools allow staff to check the status of orders at any time, see when they’ve been posted and ‘completed’ and even consolidate mail from different departments and schedule delivery dates, all with the click of a button.

Supports Remote Working

Many organisations are now embracing the benefits of flexible, remote working. Hybrid Mail fully supports the remote working environment as you no longer need to be tied down to a physical office to access all the printing supplies and equipment required to prepare mail to be sent out. To use Hybrid Mail, all you need is a computer with an internet connection meaning you can send professional, on-brand mail from any location.


Security is an important factor when looking at business solutions where you’ll potentially be sharing confidential or private information with a third party. With Hybrid Mail, all messages are encrypted to protect the contents and are sorted in a secure production facility, so you can trust that all the measures have been put in place to keep your data secure and help your business stay legally compliant with policies such as the GDPR. There is also the option to use the returns management system to ensure that any undeliverable letters are returned so you have the added peace of mind that data won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Money Saving  

When you think about all the different costs involved in printing and posting mail, they quickly start to add up. Ink and toner, paper, envelopes, printing equipment, postage and staff time are all at the expense of the company. However, with Hybrid Mail, these costs can be reduced by up to 60%. As the addresses are validated by the Royal Mail before they’re sent, any that aren’t correct won’t be delivered or charged for, so there are no unexpected costs.

To conclude, Sharp’s Hybrid Mail services can save a business time, resource and money whilst minimising mistakes. 

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