Interactive Touchscreen Table Software


The RemindMecare Activities based app was developed with person-centred care and dementia support in mind, and for use in care homes, day centres and care facilities. It comprises a suite of tools that address the needs of managers, carers, the person cared for and families.

ReMe Activities Library (RAL): provides activity professionals with readymade activities tailored to the needs and cognitive capacity of their clients. With an activity for every occasion and day of the year, and with its ‘create your own activity’ tool, RemindMecare saves time and money, and is fun.

ReMe App Playstore Portal (RAPP): whether sensory and creative apps, or games such as chess, or standards such as google earth and iPlayer, RAPP make their usage and management easy, and captures outcomes data that’s used for client profiling, wellbeing recording and regulatory reporting.

My Story Module: enables carers and families to upload music playlists, photo albums, recorded messages and videos, that define the interests and memories of the person cared for. RemindMecare enables the discovery of engaging content whilst recording events and wellbeing. The result is an automatically created ever-changing personal profile and a growing repository of knowledge, that defines what resonates with the client and that’s used across the cognitive care journey, and beyond.

Rooms video chat: provides families with a dedicated GDPR compliant video chat room.

Electronic Life Records (ELR): RemindMecare captures this unique data set automatically in background during activities (preferences, habits, moods, memories, life story, family, wellbeing, etc.), and records engagement and outcomes data for team management, activity planning, family updates and regulatory reporting.

ReMe Pro Module: includes hospital connectivity, integration with care planning software, client acquisition functionality and other ROI generating tools.

RemindMecare is perfect for use with the Agile and Flex Interactive Touchscreen Tables, and turns them into powerful care solution tools, that generate an ROI and assist care facilities deliver outstanding care as required to meet the ever-increasing expectations of the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Key features

  • Leading activity based software for the formal care sector
  • Residents can create personal profiles and life stories
  • Supports connectivity between the person cared for, the family, care home and the hospital ward
  • Range of interactive multi-media games and sensory activities