Interactive Touchscreen Table Software


The RemindMecare app has been developed with person-centred care and dementia support in mind. The app provides residents with their own profile where they, or their carer, can upload details about their life, discover engaging content and record the day’s events and their feelings - allowing them to keep an interactive log of their lives which can be looked back on, and shared with love ones.

RemindMecare makes it possible to capture a rich outcomes-based data set from the various activities. Data is collected in the background of the app and is automatically to the individual’s personal profiles. The RemindMecare app also provides a range of other functionalities that are ideally suited to use on our interactive touchscreen tables, such as Skype for family connectivity, and a vast library of music and films. Music and discovery-based reminiscence therapies that can be personalised for each resident based on their interests recorded in their personal profile, ensuring a tailored experience.

Perfect for use with the Agile and Flex Interactive Touchscreen Tables, RemindMecare is an intuitive app that is designed to enhance person-centred care for the elderly in care homes, day centres and care facilities. One key feature is the life story discovery programme - a powerful tool for dementia care patients. Centred around the individual, with the ability for family members to add imagery and video content, the care home residents can look back at key points in their lives and reminisce. The Interactive Touchscreen Tables enabled with RemindMecare software are specifically designed to assist care providers to deliver outstanding care and meet the ever-increasing expectations of the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Key features

  • Leading activity based software for the formal care sector
  • Residents can create personal profiles and life stories
  • Supports connectivity between the person cared for, the family, care home and the hospital ward
  • Range of interactive multi-media games and sensory activities