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Crossing tech skill gaps in UK SMEs

Removing barriers to productivity within hybrid working

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Making sure hybrid works for everyone

Real-world working has changed, and businesses are more digitally connected than ever before — but can everyone on your team keep up?

Despite the perks of hybrid working, nearly a quarter (21%) of UK SMEs say teams are less productive when working from home, however 45% believe productivity remains the same and 25% think employees are more productive.  

This doesn't mean a full-time return to the office anytime soon. Based on research¹ using insights from European SMEs, we've created a set of resources to help business leaders boost morale, productivity, and tech skills during hybrid working, enabling you to keep the benefits of partially remote work while minimising the downsides.

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Did you know?


Nearly a quarter (22%) of UK SMEs cite employees' ability to use software as one of the biggest challenges they will face over the next 12 months.


37% of UK SMEs say a lack of Office 365 skills is having an impact on productivity.


29% of UK SMEs say home desk set-up can have a negative impact on productivity.


26% of UK SMEs say hybrid working technology issues are a big challenge for the next 12 months.


42% of UK SMEs said that employees’ broadband issues can have an impact on productivity.

¹ 2023 research conducted with 5770 (502 UK) Professionals within SMEs from the UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland and Belgium (IT Decision Makers and people who are responsible for purchasing IT within the company