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What is a Photocopier Collator? A Quick Guide

When photocopying or printing multiple copies of large documents, it can be quite a task to manually sort them by hand, into individual collated documents after they have been printed. However, there is a feature on Sharp photocopiers that takes away the need for this manual task. Introducing… the Photocopier collator.

A Photocopier Collator offsets the individual bundles, so when you remove the documents from the output tray, you quickly have them ready to hand out, without any additional work required or time spent.

An example of this functionality’s use would be with law firms that print a huge number of documents when preparing a case. Law firms often opt for an additional sorting tray to be attached externally to their photocopier. This type of sorting tray consists of a series of mechanical trays that allow for each individual print job to be sorted into a different tray, ensuring that there is no risk of the wrong document getting into a case file.

Photocopiers that have automatic sorters, tend to also have other automatic finishing options that can reduce manual processes even further. Not only this, but they increase the variety of documents that you can produce.

A staple unit will allow documents to be stapled in several different positions and with options for the amounts of staples, you would like. Furthermore, adding a hole-punch unit can produce a variety of different punch options on your documents with, 2 and 4-punch being extremely popular choices. All these options can be selected from the finishing options in the printer browser.

Collectively, all the above features and functions are available on our latest range of MFPs, dramatically enhancing the printed collateral that a business can produce in-house, providing professional quality, speed, and complete diversity where office documents are concerned.

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