wakefield office

Wakefield Ground Floor Opening

We are thrilled to launch the new ground floor of our Head Office in Wakefield! On Wednesday 31st January, we had an opening event for the team, hosted by our Managing Director, Stuart Sykes, as an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate the occasion. 

The refurbishment marks a commitment to our teams well-being and a step forward that will propel us forward in our shared mission. 

wakefield opening

Our new office space features a range of products that embodies our dedication to cutting-edge technology and innovative design, which include:

  • A mix of resimercial design (interior design that combines elements of both residential and commercial spaces) and dedicated focus areas using a blend of comfortable seating areas and work stations.
  • Our Office Furniture Fit-Out Solutions perfectly enhance our contemporary and dynamic office setting. We've meticulously selected furniture options from our reliable suppliers to encourage an inviting workspace for our team, to support collaboration and creativity.
  • Introducing aspects of biophilia (the innate human tendency to seek connection with nature and other living things) throughout the office to nurture a positive, creative environment and support our teams overall well-being.
  • Incorporating Sharp digital signage screens into our office space provides versatile displays for internal updates, and customised messages tailored specifically for our team such as upcoming webinars, work anniversaries, client feedback, and more.
  • The use of collaboration tables makes a space for teams to get together for in- person meetings and collaborate on projects. They are multi-purpose and create a functional workplace environment. 
wakefield office

The office opening event wasn't just a celebration of our new space; it was also a reflection of the workplace services that we provide at Sharp UK, where we have successfully created an innovative and dynamic workplace solution.

This launch not only signifies the physical transformation of our workspace but also symbolises our commitment to innovation, teamwork, and excellence.

wakefield office

The dedicated Workplace Solutions team here at Sharp UK are committed to leveraging Sharp's comprehensive range of office furniture solutions to meet the diverse demands of the modern workplace. 

With expertise spanning across a range of sectors, our team diligently tailors each solution to align with the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Whether it's creating dynamic collaborative spaces or optimising ergonomic workstations, we strive to enhance productivity, foster creativity, and promote employee well-being in every workspace we design.

Learn more about our workplace solutions here.