How to Remove Ransomware

Ransomware, a malicious software that encrypts files or locks users out of their systems, has become a widespread threat in the digital landscape. Its ability to paralyse entire networks and extort users for financial gain has made ransomware a significant concern for individuals and organisations of all sizes. Last Year, the National Cyber Security Centre reported that there were approximately 745,000 computer misuse offences proving that it is easier than ever for those with malicious intent to cause major disruption.

Removing ransomware can be a complex and challenging task, but following specific steps can help mitigate the damage and potentially recover compromised data. It's crucial to approach ransomware removal with caution to prevent further harm to your IT systems. Here are some steps on how to remove ransomware viruses and encryption ransomware: 

Isolate the Infected System

Disconnect the affected device from the network immediately to prevent the ransomware from spreading to other connected devices on the network.

Identify the Ransomware

If possible, determine the specific type of ransomware. Identifying the ransomware variant can help in finding decryption tools or specific ransomware virus removal instructions available from cyber security resources or antivirus providers.

Backup Critical Data

If you have backups that are unaffected by the ransomware, ensure they are secure and separate from the infected system. It's crucial to have backups of important files to restore your data if needed.

Use Anti-virus or Anti-Malware Software

Run a reputable anti-virus or anti-malware programme to scan and remove the ransomware. Ensure the software is updated to its latest version and performs a thorough scan of the entire system.

Try Decryption Tools

There are tools available to decrypt ransomware. Check online resources and contact cyber security experts such as Sharp or the NCSC for guidance on available decryption tools or techniques.

Consult with Cyber Security Professionals

If the ransomware removal process seems complex or if critical data is at stake, seek assistance from cyber security professionals, such as Sharp. We can provide specialised guidance and tools to assist in the removal process as well as prevent any future attacks.

Reinstall the Operating System (if necessary)

In severe cases where the ransomware has deeply infected the system and removal is not feasible, consider reinstalling the operating system. This step should be taken only after ensuring that critical data is backed up and secured, otherwise, you run the risk of losing all of your business-critical data.

Prevent Future Infections

After removing the ransomware, strengthen your system's security by installing reliable anti-virus software, keeping all software updated, practicing safe browsing habits, and regularly backing up important data. However, cyber security often requires a multi-layered approach, incorporating various elements such as Endpoint security, Firewall Protection and Disaster Recovery. To learn more about our cyber security solutions, speak to one of our experts.  

Educate Your Team and Users

The weakest link when it comes to cyber security is often the people within an organisation. However, they can also be your strongest defence. Ensure that all users within your organisation are aware of the risks associated with ransomware and provide guidance on recognising suspicious emails, links, or attachments. 

If you ever do fall victim to a ransomware attack, paying the ransom is not recommended as it does not guarantee that you will regain access to your data, and it can encourage further criminal activities targeting your organisation. Prevention, regular backups, and a proactive approach to cyber security are crucial in combating ransomware attacks.

Sharp UK offers comprehensive Cyber Security solutions to protect against ransomware threats. Through advanced threat detection tools, robust firewalls, and proactive monitoring, Sharp UK equips businesses with resilient defences.  

Our tailored strategies include end user training, ensuring vigilant awareness to mitigate phishing attempts and suspicious activities. Additionally, we provide secure backup systems and encrypted cloud storage, enabling seamless data recovery without surrendering to ransom demands.  

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