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Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials scheme is an industry supported set of criteria devised by the UK Government that contains a set of universal cyber security standards.

Cyber essentials

Technology is a fundamental part of modern life. It helps us work faster and more efficiently. As the devices we use to improve our lives become more sophisticated, so too do the threats we face. Cyber criminals exploit weaknesses and security vulnerabilities in the technology we use to gain access to passwords, confidential information and money.

There are numerous measures organisations can put in place to ensure their data is secured against internal and external threats. The Cyber Essentials Scheme is one of them.

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What is the Cyber Essentials scheme? 

The Cyber Essentials scheme is an industry supported set of cyber security guidelines, devised and backed by the UK Government. It sets out the basic controls organisations should have in place to protect themselves, their employees and their data, from unauthorised access and theft.

The scheme offers two certifications, each with its own set of criteria and benefits: Cyber Essentials Accreditation and Cyber Essentials Plus.

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Cyber Essentials Accreditation 

An in-depth questionnaire will need to be completed to assess whether your business has reached each security standard. The accredited body will then verify your responses to ensure compliance, before awarding with your Cyber Essentials Accreditation. 


  • Basic cyber security certification reassures your clients and partners that you take cyber security seriously. 
  • You’ll be listed on a directory of organisations that have been awarded the accreditation. 
  • By demonstrating that that you have the right cyber security training and measures in place, you’ll attract new business.
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Cyber Essentials Plus 

The Cyber Essentials Plus certification expands upon the basic scheme outlined above. A representative from an accredited assessor will visit your premises and carry out a thorough review of your IT systems.

Accreditation procedure: 

  • The assessor will check whether malicious files can enter your organisation from web traffic or email. 
  • They’ll assess how effective your anti-virus and antimalware protection measures are. 
  • They’ll analyse how your IT assets are networked together, to see how likely is it that your organisation could be compromised. 
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Why should you get Cyber Essentials certified? 

  • To gain a thorough understanding of your organisation’s cyber security operation. 
  • To reassure customers that you are proactively working to secure your IT assets against a cyber attack. 
  • Certain UK Government contracts will not be granted without the certification in place.
  • To attract new business with the understanding that you have strict cyber security measures throughout your organisation. 
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How can Sharp and Complete I.T. help? 

At Sharp, we’ll continually strive to protect your organisation and data from the ever-growing threat posed by cyber criminals, by keeping your systems as secure as possible. 

Alongside our IT division - Complete I.T.  – we’ve invested time and money into innovation and operational efficiency, to ensure we’re always available to help you with IT Support 24/7, should you require it. 

We’ll guide you through the accreditation process by drawing upon our wealth of IT expertise. We recognise the cybersecurity threats faced by UK businesses, we know how to ensure an IT operation is secure, and we understand the steps needed for you to become Cyber Essentials certified. 

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Other cyber security measures 

The Cyber Essentials scheme is just one way you can protect your business against cyber-crime. Here are other common cybersecurity countermeasures:

Firewalls- We’ll install Watchguard firewall software on all your PCs, laptops and servers to check for suspicious content and behaviour. The firewall will be monitored by your dedicated local cybersecurity team. Suspicious behaviour will be flagged and acted on immediately. Firmware updates will be carried out automatically, as required. 

Total Endpoint Security- Flexible working is now the norm for many organisations. Employees are working from a variety of devices from their home or public areas. Cyber security protection should extend to all of your IT assets, not just those that reside at your HQ. With our Total Endpoint Security and Compliance service, you can rest assured that your endpoints are monitored and secure 24/7, no matter where your teams are using them from.

Email Security for Microsoft 365- Email Security for Microsoft 365 from Complete I.T. sets itself apart from other secure email providers by detecting threats that traditional email protection systems cannot. 

Email Security for Microsoft 365 integrates with Exchange Online to detect internal and external attacks - a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence detects malware hiding within emails sent to and from your business before they become a problem. 

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