How an ITSR Can Benefit Your Business

An ITSR is an Internal Technical Systems Review. It’s a great opportunity for Sharp to review specific areas of your business and give your IT systems a check. An ITSR will validate existing systems and processes and ensures existing systems are optimised for best performance by providing you with a plan that meets your business objectives.  

A car requires regular checks to monitor its health and performance. IT systems should be treated the same way. If regular checks are not complete, issues are not highlighted and therefore there is no way to understand how it is helping you achieve business objectives.  

Benefits of an ITSR:

  • Ensures all existing IT infrastructure, policies, and procedures are in line with business objectives.  
  • It provides best practice recommendations to you regarding your IT infrastructure.
  • Provides your team with informative technical documents that clearly outline IT procedures and information so that in the event of a disaster, there is comprehensive documentation to aid recovery.
  • Make improvement recommendations based on areas of concern that have been identified.  

What happens during an ITSR:

  1. A dedicated member of the IT team will discuss your ITSR objectives and develop an appropriate plan. It is important to establish if this review is for security or efficiency.  
  2. A plan will then be made which outlines how the ITSR will be conducted and the time frame in which it will take place.  
  3. The audit procedures will then be outlined as well as the steps as to how data will be collected. This involves doing things like collecting departmental policies and reviewing them, creating methodology to test and develop criteria for evaluating the review.

Sharp offer a range of IT services, including a cyber security audit service.

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