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A guide to fair Photocopier Contracts for Schools

A BBC Panorama story in late 2012 highlighted the danger of using unscrupulous photocopier suppliers after schools had fallen victim to deals that appeared reasonable photocopier contracts, but under closer scrutiny proved to be expensive, and worse still, difficult to cancel.

Considering the danger of using dishonest suppliers, Sharp has put together a checklist for schools to use when considering a new supplier for their photocopier contracts.

Photocopier Contracts Checklist

• Don’t automatically roll over your photocopier contracts

• Get three quotes when your current photocopier lease is coming to an end

• Make sure the copier meets your needs. Ensure the machine has the functions you will need

• Make sure you understand your lease. Public bodies, such as schools should have an operating lease and not a finance lease

• Keep copies of all the contract documents

• Make sure the deal is simple and transparent. You should have quarterly lease payments plus quarterly copy charges

Above all, read the contract carefully! Make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for.

Sharp offers free, no-obligation trials, as well as no-strings, print audits nationwide. These have been designed to help schools make informed decisions about their copier usage and requirements. At Sharp, contracts are simple and transparent. We only provide contracts in line with Government standards and practices.

Working with education organisations for over 15 years, Sharp has already successfully provided schools with a full range of equipment and services.

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