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Email Security

Sharp Email security is used to protect and secure email communications, accounts, and services from unauthorised access or compromise.

Email security

The methods used by cyber criminals to gain unauthorised access to systems and data are becoming more sophisticated by the day. Hackers target unprotected business email accounts to deceive employees and dupe people into handing over money and data, either by asking them to follow a malicious link or posing as another person (usually a stakeholder).

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What is email security? 

Email security refers to the variety of measures businesses use to protect email communications, accounts, and services from unauthorised access. Methods include educating staff and implementing best practice guides, spam filters, two-factor authentication, anti-virus protection and data encryption. 

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Why is email security important?  

Businesses use email hosting platforms such as Office 365 to send and receive large volumes of highly sensitive personal information. It’s important to protect that data from hackers. Email is used by cyber criminals as the primary intrusion method for malicious activity that seeks to gain access to data, hold companies to ransom, implement phishing attacks and install harmful malware.  

The government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey showed that 86% of businesses reported receiving fraudulent emails in 2020 – up 6% when compared with figures from 2019.

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Sharp’s email security service 

It’s not safe to use anti-virus software in isolation. As commercial technology evolves, so too do the threats associated with using it. With Complete Email Security for Microsoft 365, you can focus on growing your business, safe in the knowledge that your critical systems are safe and secure. 

Using Barracuda Sentinel technology, Complete Email Security sets itself apart from other secure email providers by detecting threats that traditional email protection systems cannot, by integrating with Exchange Online. Our artificial intelligence platform detects malware hiding within emails sent to and from your business before they become a problem. 

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Complete email security offers:  

Spear Phishing Prevention – The platform learns your organisations’ unique communication patterns and uses them , to identify spear phishing attacks. 

Employee Impersonation Detection – Identify spoof emails, typo-squatted domains, and phishing emails sent from both free and commercial email accounts. 

Halt Zero Day Phishing –  Monitor anomalies in communication patterns within the body or header of emails to eliminate zero-day phishing attacks. 

Web Impersonation Detection - Web services such as DocuSign and Dropbox are targeted by hackers who impersonate both platforms and extracts sensitive data from unsuspecting employees. Our platform performs extra checks to ensure data traffic to and from these sites is legitimate. 

Investigate Inbox Rules - Changes to inbox rules can signify an account has been compromised. High level alerts will be set up to allow for investigation. 

Compromised Email Detection -– Identify malicious emails sent from compromised accounts and flag them up to your IT staff. 

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Other cyber security services 

Email security and email encryption are just two ways you can protect your business data against criminal activity. Sharp and our partners Complete I.T. encourage a multi-layered approach, backed by around the clock IT Support 24/7. 

Some security measures include:  

Firewalls- We’ll install Watchguard firewall software on all your PCs, laptops and servers to check for suspicious content and behaviour. The physical firewall will be monitored remotely by your dedicated local cybersecurity team. Suspicious behaviour will be flagged and acted on immediately. Firmware updates will be carried out automatically, as required. 

Total Endpoint Security- Flexible working is now the norm for many organisations. Employees use a variety of devices to carry out their duties from their home or public areas. Cyber security protection should extend to all of your IT assets, not just those that reside at your HQ. With our Total Endpoint Security and Compliance service, you can rest assured that your endpoints are monitored and secure 24/7, no matter where your teams are using them from. 

Cyber Essentials-  The Cyber Essentials scheme is a Government framework which contains universal IT and technology security standards. We’ll guide you through the entire accreditation process and help your organisation  achieve Cyber Essential and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation. 

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