Organisations use paper every day. They need to scan, archive, and retain documents. With FileStar organisations can scan their documents to a cloud-based documents management system, providing them with the ability to scan straight from devices and retrieve documents anywhere.

Key Advantages

• Free up storage space by shredding paper files once they are scanned.
• Save time looking for documents (it takes seconds in Filestar rather than minutes or even hours).
• Comply with Industry regulation – As Filestar has security and an audit trail it is a compliant way to store electronic files keeping HMRC and Customs happy.
• Helps you comply with GDPR regulations through fast data searches, document retention policies, and user & group permissions-based access.

Benefits of the Cloud infrastructure over an on-site solution

• Less Paper: Reduce the space you need to file away paper and in doing so save money. With FileStar your documents will be stored in a digital archive.
• Cloud-based: Take away the cost of managing your own servers and storage. With FileStar all you need is a web browser.
• Compliance: FileStar will help you achieve your document compliance requirements. Tick all the boxes with secure access, auditing, and retention policies.

Key features

  • Works with any scanner or multifunction device if your scanner or MFD can save to a Windows folder then it will work with FileStar.
  • Paper scans are automatically converted to searchable PDF using OCR (optical character recognition).
  • Automatic document filing and naming ‘Auto-File’ and ‘Auto-Name’ feature takes away the hassle of deciding where a document should be filed and what it should be called.
  • Simple, intuitive web browser interface - all you need is a modern web browser to search, file and view documents.
  • Customisable index fields let you capture document specific data that can be very useful for filing and searching.
  • Flexible access control access rules allows you to control what actions your users can perform. For example, you may want to allow only a subset of your users to be able to search for and view ‘Accounts’ documents.


Filestar is an easy to use cloud-based document management system. Simply scan straight from your device to FileStar and retrieve a document in seconds.


FileStar Brochure

FileStar Brochure