A school MIS system provides school administrators and teachers with information required for planning, policy making and evaluation. A MIS system maintains records of student and staff data to include grades, schedules, absences, demographics, test scores, behaviour and medical records. Most MIS systems allow the upload of documents into the system. The leading MIS system is SIMS with 70-80% of all schools in the UK using the solution.

SIMS is often disliked by admin staff and teachers due to historic clunky processes and because of this many schools do not use its full feature set. Document Management Server Assistant for SIMS (DMSA) has been designed to help a school streamline the process of getting documents into and out of SIMS, as well as searching and finding linked documents. It can help a school be more productive with their time, improve security and compliance.

Helping schools save time finding information, DMSA can search linked documents within SIMS. Both recent and historic linked documents can be searched by a phrase in the Document Summary or Document Note. Information can be retrieved in seconds overcoming the need to navigate to a specific student, to linked documents and then manually find the document from a list.

Uploading paper based and electronic documents into SIMS is also a lot easier and quicker for school staff. Staff login to the DMSA interface with their secure username and password at their workstation and then simply select who the document relates to, a pupil/student, class, year group or staff member. They enter a brief summary and note as SIMS requires. Electronic documents will be immediately uploaded into SIMS as a linked document. Documents can be sent to multiple places at once and so sending linked documents to a complete class, year group or school can be performed through a single process.

Where a paper document needs to be scanned, they can visit the Sharp device to scan the documents at their convenience. Each process performed at the workstation will create a button on the Sharp device’s display. Simply select the corresponding button then tap “scan” to have the documents automatically stored into SIMS.

A full audit trail is included to support security and compliance across the school.

DMSA will also help improve the exporting of documents from SIMS. When exporting pupil data from SIMS to send to a new school, the typical SIMS process will not export linked documents. This means that they are either not forward to the new school or a laborious process of manually downloading or printing and then posting is often performed. DMSA can export linked documents in a quick and simple process reducing the workload on school admin staff and helping the receiving school obtain linked document information within a faster timescale.

Key features

  • Provide a simple and fast retrieval of linked documents with a full audit trail of access.
  • Provide a quick process for extracting pupil linked documents that can then be sent electronically to a future pupil school.
  • Provide a quick and simple common process for uploading paper and electronic documents into SIMS.
  • Increase security & GDPR Compliance through the DMSA security features and audit trail
  • Support the introduction of digitisation aiding disaster recovery in the event of fire, flood & theft.
  • Ensure documents are filed correctly using a common process and in date order within SIMS
  • Allow a school to maximise their investment in their SIMS system