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Digitise documents with ease

Digitising documents – the process of scanning or capturing a paper document in order to save it to digital storage – should be a goal for every organisation. It can convert old documents to digital, or capture new paperwork and add it to a workflow, improving efficiency. A multifunction printer and document capture software to make document workflows run smoothly.  

While multifunction printers or photocopiers with dedicated scanners are necessary to scan documents, document capture software is also essential. It ensures that your documents are captured, processed, and routed securely and efficiently – and processed through your workflows.  

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Going digital

Whether it’s scanning invoices or automating your digital mailroom services, going from paper to bytes can be a time-consuming task. Documents need to be scanned, named, filed and indexed– the list goes on. But with document capture software, you can automate the whole process, saving valuable time and money. 

By enabling efficiently distributed document capture, you can minimise time wasted on manual tasks and boost productivity.  

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Automatic indexing and contents analysis

No matter how high-tech your business may be, there’s always the risk of human error. Document capture software is here to make sure that mistakes don’t evolve into major issues – if a document goes missing, you’ll know right where to find it.  

By scanning meta-tags and document contents, document capture software cleverly indexes your documents for rapid retrieval. And with routing options, you can send your digital documents to precisely where they’re needed. Invoice scanning and data capture means even sensitive documents can be sent to the teams that need them most – and saved securely as password-protected PDFs. 

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Designed for your devices

It’s not just selected departments that can benefit from document management scanning:  the entire office can be included in your workflows.  

Plus, with a reliable way to make and share high-quality scans, you can cut down on paper use for greater cost efficiencies and environmental sustainability. 

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