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Sharp Support explained

Sharp has established a worldwide reputation for precision manufacturing technologies, high quality products and excellent customer support. Our customer support covers everything from pre-sales enquiries to fulfilment of the guarantee. The following advice refers to products sold in the UK and Ireland only.

Registering your Sharp product
Products with registration cards enclosed can be registered by post.

Problems on first use of your product
If you are unhappy with the initial results it may well be that the product has not been set up correctly, so please telephone us for operational advice (See Other service arrangements below for the relevant number).
If you find there are any items missing, please contact your retailer immediately so they can obtain free replacements.
Finally in the unlikely event of the product being faulty or damaged as new, please contact your retailer for a replacement. However, if you prefer a repair, please read on.

Replacements or refunds
Our guarantee mainly provides for the repair only of a product (see Other service arrangements for details). Naturally we will consider a replacement if our service centres are unable to guarantee an effective repair. However we cannot assist with refunds at all unless a product was purchased direct from us. Otherwise any request for replacement or refund must be pursued with the original retailer.

Repairs outside guarantee
Once the guarantee has expired you can take your product anywhere for repair. However the service centres we use within guarantee receive support from Sharp and will have more experience than most service companies. Therefore please try the numbers below in the first instance. Please also note we have negotiated special rates with Sharpserv for repairs outside guarantee.

Spare parts, accessories, manuals, drivers and downloads
Replacement spare parts may be obtained from our parts distributors.
Replacement accessories and consumables may also be purchased from our parts distributors, however many accessories are available to purchase on line.
Replacement manuals can also be ordered from our parts distributors. However downloadable copies of most recent manuals are available here.
Drivers and software downloads for many recent products are available here.

Once our guarantee has expired any complaints should normally be referred to the original retailer as per your statutory rights. However we are always sympathetic to any customer who has a genuine grievance about a Sharp product or service and would welcome an email.

Sharp Aquos / LCD TV after sales service arrangements
Sharp offers an unrivalled after sales service for Aquos /LCD product. Through our long standing service partner Sharpserv, we employ a team of dedicated Aquos / LCD TV call handlers and engineers and we provide nationwide service coverage that is supplemented by a dedicated central workshop facility. Sharpserv provide free operational advice as well as service support and can be contacted on 08707 874837.

To ensure a high level of service Sharp have set Sharpserv very demanding service levels. Currently their Call Centre answers over 90% of calls within 30 seconds and less than 2% of callers abandon. This compares with a typical call centre abandon rate of 5%. As for repairs, their engineers typically visit within 3 working days of the initial call.

Sharpserv also repair products outside guarantee and we are delighted to say that we have negotiated special repair rates with them for out of guarantee repairs. For further details please contact Sharpserv on 08707 874837.

Other service arrangements
Operational advice and service on Sharp products is provided by Sharpserv and a small number of other key approved service centres:

  • Aquos/LCD TVs 32” & smaller: Collected & repaired - Tel: 08707 874837
  • Aquos LCD TVs 40” & larger: Repaired on site - Tel: 08707 874837
  • Information Display Systems: Repaired on site - Tel: 0845 8800513
  • Blu-ray Players: Collected, repaired & returned - Tel: 0845 8800421
  • Digital Television Recorders: Collected & replaced - Tel: 0845 8800421
  • Home Cinema: Dependent on model, collected or repaired on site - Tel: 0845 880 0512
  • Audio Products: Collected & repaired on site - Tel: 0845 880 0512
  • Domestic Microwave/Steam ovens: Dependent on model, replaced or collected and repaired - Tel: 0845 8888112
  • Commercial Microwave ovens: Repaired on site - Tel: 0845 8800514
  • Ion Generators/Air Purifiers: Dependent on model, collected or repaired on site - Tel: 08705 274277
  • Refrigerators: Repaired on site - Tel: 0845 8820025
  • Projectors - Repaired on site - Tel: 0845 8800513
  • Calculators & Electronic Dictionaries - Post in for replacement - Tel: 08707 380000
  • Desk Top Copiers: Repaired on site - Tel: 0845 8820045
  • Copiers & Printers: All other copiers are repaired on site by your original retailer.
  • Fax machines: Collected & repaired or replaced - Tel: 08707 380000
  • Cash registers: XEA prefix only are collected & repaired - Tel: 08707 380000
If calling from Republic of Ireland please telephone 01 676 0648