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Office Printers

Running an organisation requires efficient and secure document production.  To help achieve higher productivity and a smoother workflow, Sharp offers a range of user friendly MFPs.

Not only are they energy efficient to reduce running costs, they’re also expandable to meet growing needs.  And with the proprietary Sharp OSA (Open Systems Architecture) software development platform, your MFP becomes an integrated hub for a host of business applications.

So, whether you’re looking for desktop efficiency or high volume performance, Sharp has an office solution to suit your needs.

Production Printers

These high-speed colour and black & white MFPs are ideal for Corporate Reprographic Departments (CRD), in house printing and entry-level production environments. They’re durable, reliable and surprisingly energy-efficient; offering high volume printing capability with a large choice of finishing options.

Furthermore, a variety of automatic adjustment functions enable these devices to maintain consistently high quality.

Optimised Software Solutions

  • Optimised Software Solutions

    Businesses need to continually optimise the way they work – whatever challenges they face. By building on the proven strengths of Sharp’s MFPs, our range of Optimised Software Solutions is designed to help you reduce printing and copying costs, use resources more effectively, create and access documents easily and ensure actions are fully auditable and secure.

  • Output Management

    Businesses are under increasing pressure to squeeze even more value out of their assets – by doing things faster and more effectively. But you can only control your costs if you can measure them. So Sharp’s Optimised Printing Solutions help you proactively monitor and manage your print and copy usage, so you can track and recover costs, reduce unauthorised usage and waste and save time and resources.

  • Document Capture

    The real cost of documents comes not from producing them, but from managing them. Every time they’re handled – whether for organising, indexing, filing, distribution, retrieval or reuse –complexity is added to the workflow. Sharp’s Optimised Scanning Solutions give you total control, so you can organise, store and share documents effectively, however they are created or used, with automated processes that save time and prevent costly errors.

  • Mobile Applications

    The pace of business is accelerating and people now want to access information using a wide range of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Sharp’s Optimised Mobile Solutions provide a way for your employees to quickly connect to their office devices – wherever they are and whatever they are doing – so they can simply and securely print, scan and share documents on the move using any modern mobile device.

  • Document Management & Workflow

    Information is the lifeblood of any organisation because the more you know, the better you perform.  Sharp’s Optimised Workflow Solutions help reduce costs and streamline repetitive tasks, restoring the business productivity you need to achieve and maintain profitable growth.  Our cloud and on premise solutions ensure that business critical information can be accessed anytime/anywhere from almost any device, which facilitates better decision making and enables more productive collaboration within and between workgroups.

  • Device Management

    More than any other piece of office equipment, printers, copiers and MFPs demand continual attention – even if it’s just to keep them supplied with toner and paper. And every time one becomes unavailable, the productivity of  dozens of employees can be compromised. Sharp’s Optimised Managing Solutions are specifically designed to ease the burden of managing your fleet of MFPs, making your job easier and reducing the cost of ownership. Interruptions are minimised and downtime is reduced, while productivity is maintained across every workgroup in the company.

  • Production Solutions

    Your print room needs to run efficiently to satisfy your customer’s needs - whatever challenges they face. Building on the strengths of Sharp's high speed devices, our optional workflow solutions maximise the capability of your print room with pre-press, make ready and colour management options integrated into our engine. These solutions enable quick adjustments, increasing the time for your operator to react and avoid costly mistakes.

Vertical Markets

  • Vertical Markets

    Sharp offers a wide variety of products to government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and various commercial markets. Rely on Sharp to provide you with the responsiveness you expect and the high quality products you demand.

  • Government

    Cost reduction and product reliability are critical factors in the government marketplace.  Sharp offers a wide array of high technology products that be used throughout government offices.

    Sharp helps government and local authorities meet security requirements with our award-winning MFPs that include built-in protection for documents and enhanced security options including a convenient end-of-lease feature that overwrites all data, including document filing, user data, job status, date and address book.

  • Education

    Copy centres, departments and libraries all require document management and controls. By placing a monetary value on printing and switching output away from desktop printers to more efficient MFPs, schools can reduce print output, cut printing costs, and improve sustainability. Sharp MFPs safeguard student records through the utilisation of account codes, user/group profiles, passwords, or external user accounts contained in an LDAP or Active Directory server.

  • Legal

    Document management and client confidentiality are critical in the legal field. Sharp helps law firms protect client records with our award-winning MFPs that include built-in protection for documents and enhanced security options including a convenient end-of-lease feature that overwrites all data, including document filing, user data, job status, date and address book.

  • Healthcare

    Patient care and cost savings are of paramount importance in the healthcare industry. Sharp offers a wide array of high technology products that can be used in hospital reception areas, patient rooms, administrative offices, and teaching environments. Recognised as one of the leaders in document security, Sharp MFPs help ensure patient records are kept secure.

  • Hospitality

    Sharp offers high technology products for reception areas, meeting rooms, hotel rooms, and administrative offices that can add value and help generate revenue for the hospitality industry.

    The advanced, yet easy to use features of Sharp MFPs enable guests to easily send and receive faxes, print from USB and scan to email, fax or FTP. Front desk staff can easily scan and forward copies of bills and receipts directly to email. And don’t forget the hotel catering department; menu cards for the facilities’ restaurant and banqueting suites can be printed on demand.

  • Corporate

    Businesses and workgroups rely on Sharp MFPs to generate reports, publish booklets, and create presentations that are high in quality and express professionalism. The MFP is the natural link between information and the way people use it, which is why Sharp offers a comprehensive security suite designed to provide our clients with a scalable approach to securing confidential information. Sensitive to the requirements of many businesses, Sharp  combines an initial encryption with multiple overwrites of data, providing a higher level of security than many processes currently used by other manufacturers.