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Synappx from Sharp: Help Improve Productivity, Efficiency and Creativity 

With the launch of the new brand, Synappx from Sharp, we are entering a new phase of digital transformation for the business but also our customers. Jason Cort, Director of Product Planning and Marketing, outlines the strategy for the new brand.  

Since the founding of Sharp in 1912, we have been on a mission to continuously innovate products and services, which today gives our company an impressive portfolio spanning our award-winning range of multifunction printers, to state-of-the-art visual and interactive solutions, as well as our ever-expanding energy solutions, and even our newly defined IT Services.  

However, the days of business hardware working and running in isolation are drawing to a close. As more-and-more businesses adopt their digital transformation, we understand that our customers, both old and new, are looking for technology that is easier to use, as well as delivers productivity, efficiency, and creativity. Overarching all this is the need for a consistent user experience when accessing and using technology across their business.  

This is why we created Synappx, a new brand that connects Sharp’s industry leading products and services to help deliver the workplace of the future for our customers across Europe. With the launch of Synappx, we wanted to go beyond our usual hardware remit and evolve into new and exciting territories.  

We at Sharp believe that Synappx is a truly exciting statement of intent, which realises our vision for the future workplace and our continued commitment to ‘be original’. The new platforms and services give us the opportunity to have conversations with our customers that focus on the added value Sharp can offer beyond hardware features and specifications.  

What is Synappx from Sharp?  

Synappx from Sharp is a new way of working, it allows us to combine platforms and applications that customers are already using with Sharp’s devices, delivering this in a consistent and simple way across Sharp’s entire product range. 

We as a business understand that our customers are already using a wide variety of existing IT applications and services, from Google G Suite to Microsoft 365, but have seen an opportunity to make these services more efficient within the business. Synappx allows us to bring these applications and services together using Sharp technology to provide a seamless user experience.  

By creating one simple experience, we allow customers to spend more time doing what is important to them, being creative and business focused, and spending less time worrying about how to operate the technology. 

These connected technologies also allow Sharp to add unique value over and above what these individual components can deliver alone. 

The development of the Synappx brand was not created in isolation. Rather, it has been driven by numerous future-focussed projects across our global business, ranging across Sharp Europe, the Sharp Nara Factory in Japan, our own Labs America, and including Foxconn, our parent company.  

This far-reaching work has allowed us to come together to create an exciting new platform from which to deliver next-generation solutions and services.  

Synappx Launch Portfolio  

The initial launch phase of Synappx will encapsulate two distinct products: Synappx Meeting and Synappx Go, both developed to help businesses create better meetings, as well as better experiences for those taking part.  

Synappx Meeting will help customers to start meetings on time, while Synappx Go enables customers to be productive regardless of their location.  

When combined with Synappx Ready Hardware Systems, both of these services will remove the complexity of the working day, wirelessly connecting your existing technologies in one seamless space, and enhancing the productivity of your teams by making workspaces more efficient.  

These products are just the start and will grow into a large and thriving family of products, adding ever more functionality and features to our existing portfolio of products, as well as help form the basis of new products and services that will lay down the foundation of the future workplace.  

By following the time-honoured Sharp business creed of ‘Sincerity and Creativity’, we sincerely believe that Synappx is an exciting and creative new way of working for us all.  

If you would like to know more about how the Synappx brand, or how Sharp Europe can help transform the way your business engages, interacts and develops with your technology, Get In Touch.