Workplace Safety

Manage your organisation in a pandemic and beyond

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, our collective responsibility to protect the people in our duty of care is more important than ever.

Mitigate the risk to your organisation using Sharp Optimised Visitor Management

Make everyone on-site aware

There are several features you can enable at the outset to ensure visitors are aware of your organisation’s pandemic processes - and stopped from entering if they pose a risk. 

Advanced notices

Make pre-registered guests aware of your policy ahead of time

Welcome greeting

Use the welcome screen to notify all guests of your pandemic policies


Check everyone on-site understands and agrees to your processes

Identify those who pose a risk

Use the visitor management system to carry out pandemic screening and deny access to those who pose a risk.


Ask questions during sign in to identify those who pose a risk.

Receive alerts

Receive alerts when someone signs in outside of your policy.


Track and trace visits as required and audit who acknowledged your policies.

Contact tracing

If someone becomes unwell, use reporting features to look back over recent days and determine:

Everyone who was on-site

See everyone who has been on-site the same day as the individual.

Everyone in close proximity

Either working in the same department or ‘zones’.

All visitors

Any visitors hosted by the individual.


Reduce your number of touch points

Guests typically touch your Visitor Management screen 35 times per visit!

• Have employees sign in the mobile app

• Pre-register visitors for instant sign-in


Work remotely, protect your people with WolMobile

Whether you need to limit the number of people on-site or close to your facility. Completely protect the wellbeing of your employees and organisation with Sharp Optimised Visitor Management.

Broadcast crisis updates

  • Define recipients based on department or on/off-site status. 
  • Schedule recurring messages. 
  • Audit when messages were sent and who received them

Remote sign-in

  • See who’s working on or off-site. Allow those working from home to view acknowledgement notices.

Keep your facility locked

  • Receive alerts when anyone tries to sign into a facility that’s formally closed.



Send wellness reminders

  • Schedule recurring reminders for anything from breaks to best practice tips for employees working from home.