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When Sharp Italy Created a Unique Digital Signage Solution for Brioni

When Brioni was looking for a new way to display its tailoring in its boutiques around the world, the answer lay with partnering with Sharp Europe. Discover the amazing story...

Brioni is an Italian luxury menswear brand renowned for its made-to-measure suits, ready-to-wear collections and exquisite leather goods.

When Brioni was looking for a new way to display its tailoring in its boutiques around the world, the answer was to create the “Brioni Miror” – a revolutionary software solution that uses state-of-the-art 3D technology to show the customer virtual reality representations of outfits in different fabric and fit options.

With over 8 million styling options and 1,500 fabrics to choose from this is no mean feat and shows the versatility of the system. What’s more, once the customer has made his or her selection, they can continue the creation of their suit simply by visiting another Brioni boutique around the world and accessing their Miror account.

The software for the project was developed by media solutions company CLX Europe and installed on Sharp PN–E703 70-inch displays in its boutiques in Milan, Rome, Penne (Pescara) Las Vegas and New York.

The Sharp PN–E703 professional displays were chosen as they combine Full HD image quality, a stylishly thin profile and energy efficiency, important when the displays are on all day. These devices also offer flexibility because they can be installed in landscape or portrait mode.

Carlo Alberto Tenchini, Sharp Italy Marketing Director, explained some of the key features behind the technology, saying: “The idea was to give the user the same experience they would find on a mobile device on a 70-inch screen in the shop. For example, you can create interactive catalogues on which the consumer can select products. All this is connected to software that provides data on what has been shown, for how long, whether it was seen by a man or by a woman.”

To further enhance the usability of the technology, the Sharp PN–E703 also comes with Mirror Display mode that enables the same onscreen content to be displayed on a series of daisy chained monitors. This function can be used to reinforce advertising messages in stores.

Brioni is a pioneer in the world of fashion retail with this new user experience and following the success of the installations so far, the Miror project will soon be replicated in Brioni boutiques in other major European capitals.

Using displays as a communication tool in shops is a trend that Sharp sees growing and one it is proud to be at the forefront of. You can discover more about the stunning collaboration of Haute Couture and Sharp technology at



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