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What Makes Sharp ‘Pen-on-Paper’ a Unique Experience?

The Sharp BIG PAD range of interactive displays offer a natural writing experience, ideal for both the meeting room and the classroom. But with different displays for different types of meeting, which model is right for you?

BIG PAD, Sharp’s interactive whiteboard range, offers all the benefits of drawing or writing on a flipchart or blackboard, but with all the benefits of being a digital device connected to all of your other digital devices.

Being able to write and draw on BIG PAD in a natural way is essential for presenting or doing group work. BIG PAD includes advanced screen technology that means that input is fast, precise, and has a natural writing feel to it, just as if you were putting Pen-on-Paper.

Sharp BIG PAD interactive displays come in a range of sizes, so whether you are looking for a compact 40-inch ‘huddle space’ model such as the Sharp BIG PAD PN-40TC1, through to the large 80-inch such as the Sharp BIG PAD PN-80SC5 or Sharp BIG PAD PN-80TC3, we have the size you need.

The features our products offer vary across the range, but all come with a highly accurate, natural, instantly responsive touchscreen, whether using a passive pen, active pen, or a finger.

Each BIG PAD model offers a range of features from fast, smooth and responsive touch times, to accuracy of touch. To make things easier, we’ve created the following reference sheet, enabling you to see at a glance, which Sharp BIG PAD meets the needs of your office or educational facility.

The above chart is available as a free download (Follow the Link on the Right) so you can use it when making a better-informed buying decision.

If you would like to know more about Sharp Interactive Displays and Pen-on-Paper technology, Get in Touch to arrange a demonstration.


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