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What is a Windows Collaboration Display?

Windows collaboration display from Sharp is a new type of interactive display for meetings and teamwork. Complying with Microsoft specifications, the Display combines Sharp’s award-winning touch technology with IoT sensors that monitor conditions like temperature and air quality.

Sharp has been working with Microsoft to develop its 70” smart display, which will launch at ISE in February. Windows collaboration display built by Sharp is crucially easy to use and easy to connect to – you simply walk in, plug in and work together – but it also monitors your environment and will help to make those conditions optimal.

It’s the next evolution of the interactive display, the first to be smart-building ready and the first that explores the potential of IoT to make our meeting rooms more productive places.


WCD: Easy to use and easy to connect to

The 4K interactive display features Sharp’s latest 10-point P-CAP Capacitive Touch screen technology to make it easy to write on and easy to read from.

Sharp’s Pen-on-Paper experience delivers an instant and accurate writing experience akin to that of using a real pen on writing paper.

Palm rejection technology means you can rest your palm on the screen and it won’t leave a mark, once again making for a more comfortable user experience.

Thanks to easy connections, it’s simple to walk in to a meeting room, quickly connect to the display and start working together.

The USB-C port offers a simple single connection which covers all the video, touch, and network data needs, and even charges your connected device. Additional integrated wireless casting makes it easy to share information from PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets without the need for cables. The Windows collaboration display supports Miracast for Windows and Android.

WCD: IoT to make meeting rooms more productive

Along with Sharp’s own award-winning touch technology, the Windows collaboration display from Sharp also has an array of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that can work with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins to better monitor and manage collaboration spaces. 

The sensors feedback data to internet cloud-based services, such as the Azure Digital Twins platform, so helping IT administrators and building managers monitor a wide range of options, including meeting occupancy, air quality levels, ambient light, temperature, and even humidity.

By monitoring these conditions, businesses will be able to consider how to make those conditions optimal. For example, at the simplest level, the display will give accurate information about how often a meeting room is used and when the busiest or quietist times are.


WCD: Easy video conferencing and remote working

For video conferencing, the display includes an integrated 4K resolution camera with 120-degree FoV (Field of Vision) and full variable vertical tilt for pin-sharp image quality. The double array far field and near field microphones are optimised for voice commands and can collect sound from 4-6 meters. The twin 12-Watt rear-facing speakers help deliver the best audio quality to your meetings.


WCD: Familiar and compatible tools

Windows collaboration display from Sharp meets Microsoft’s specifications for Windows 10 and has been designed to seamlessly work with a host of Microsoft tools based around Office 365. These tools provide businesses a digital hub for teamwork using Microsoft Teams, a collaboration platform that brings conversations, content and tools together in one place.

The Windows collaboration display built by Sharp will be available to buy in Summer 2019 and represents new ways of working for teams regardless of location or project.

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Angela Woodward
European PR Manager