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Watch Sharp Advanced Multiboard for BIG PAD Pro in action

Watch this brainstorm using BIG PAD Pros in an Advanced Multi-Board set-up and be impressed by what it has to offer.

The Sharp Advanced Multi-Board set-up for BIG PAD Pro lets you join together either two or three 80-inch PN-80TC3 Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) side-by-side to create one fully interactive display wall up to 5.3 metres long. BIG PAD is already perfect for group work, but this larger size means it’s possible for more people to work comfortably together at the same time, dealing with larger amounts of data in a more creative and collaborative way.

The Sharp Advanced Multi-Board is easy to setup and configure, and because it includes simultaneous 10-point P-CAP touch, up to six users can use the display at the same time, working together on one large seamless canvas.

To highlight how effective and seamless the user-experience is, we have put together this demonstration of a brainstorm using BIG PAD Pros in an Advanced Multi-Board set-up.

If you would like to find out more about how Sharp’s BIG PAD Pro can make your business more collaborative, discover the full Advanced Multi-Board offering. You can also request a demonstration for your company, simply by Getting In Touch.


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