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Video: Sharp Discusses Huddle and Digital Signage trends at ISE 2017

Sid Stanley, General Manager Visual Solutions for Sharp Europe, talks us through Sharp’s new products and announcements at ISE 2017.

ISE 2017 saw Sharp announce its widest range of Visual Solutions yet. In the following video, Sid Stanley, General Manager for Visual Solutions, takes a look at what these new product ranges mean for our partners, our customers and for Sharp itself.

The AV market is seeing an evolution of devices, and the need for devices to support meetings in smaller and more informal settings where small groups can meet and collaborate. This is why Sharp has launched the Huddle range of Sharp BIG PAD interactive displays.

As Sid explains, the essential element in such workspaces is speed, the devices must be up and running quickly. By offering something new to customers, the trend for smaller meeting spaces is sure to grow.

Digital Signage at ISE 2017

Digital Signage is another growth area, especially with adoption on the high street becoming ever more prevalent.

Sharp needed a compelling proposition in the Digital Signage area and at ISE 2017 we showed how we are investing in our mainstream digital signage ranges. All our next generation displays will be smart, plug and play solutions. We also launched the Sharp Open Architecture Platform, offering to the market lots of choice in how to run signage, via a full ecosystem of Sharp and third-party software.

To discover more about Huddle, Digital Signage and Sharp’s other announcements at ISE 2017, check out the video and find out why Sharp is back as a mainstream vendor:


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