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Video: Sharp 8K Ecosystem Lets You Shoot, Store and Play

8K is set to be the next hot trend in Audio Visual and we’re leading the way with our innovative technology. Sid Stanley, General Manager of Sharp Visual Solutions, takes us on a tour of the Sharp 8K ecosystem.

The world of visual solutions is changing and Sharp is leading the way by being bold in its research and development, looking to bring the technologies of tomorrow to market ahead of anyone else.

We’re developing a full 8K ecosystem that means you can shoot, store and play all on native 8K equipment and monitors. We are transforming the way the world is viewed at a level of detail never previously experienced.

For recording, the Sharp 8C-B60A 8K (60p) Professional Camcorder is a world’s first, as it integrates capabilities for video shooting and recording, as well as playback. It also delivers line output for video streaming in 8K regardless of location.

The camcorder is already on sale in Japan and we expect it to be available in Europe around the end of the year. Sharp’s 8K monitor has been on sale in Asia since 2017 and we are now taking orders in Europe, product name LV70X500E.

Find out more about the Sharp 8K Professional Camcorder and 8K-compatible monitor.

8K Ecosystem for Business

8K may be seen as an important step forward in terms of consumer technology, but we at Sharp also believe it will transform business environments too.

Business applications for 8K will start with broadcast media, and they already have. At the recent Winter Games, for example, South Korea experimented with the largest ever live 8K UHD production. While in Japan, the national broadcaster NHK will start broadcasting in 8K later this year. With such work going on, it is easy to see why we have launched the world’s first camcorder to shoot, record, replay, and line output using a single unit.

In the following video, recorded at ISE 2018, you can view a demonstration of our 8K ecosystem, as we talk about the next businesses we expect to be positively disrupted by 8K. Among others, this will include surveillance and crowd control, and medical environments, with 8K enabling improved remote diagnosis and remote operations.

The next chance to see the Sharp 8K ecosystem will be in London at the Media Production Show, 12-13 June 2018, where we will be demonstrating our technology to the media and broadcast industry. It will also be available to view in selected Sharp showrooms from May onwards. To arrange a viewing, please Get In Touch.


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