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Using Sharp BIG PAD interactive displays in 24/7 always-on environments

Sharp BIG PAD interactive displays have been designed for use in offices and retail where always-on means 24/7 operation. Find out what this means for your business.

When you work for a multi-national company, or you have customers from around the world, having ‘office hours’ seems like a very old fashioned idea. You need to be able to work in the evenings or early mornings when your colleagues come online, whether that’s from home, from the road or travelling overseas. And you need a remote collaboration set up in the office that you can rely on.

The Sharp BIG PAD interactive display range has been designed to make collaborating with colleagues as easy as possible, whether they are sat next to you, or sat in another country. A large touchscreen panel in a range of sizes, BIG PAD offers 10-point touch that can be used all the way to the bezel, so you can display, interact and share more information than ever before. The touch experience is intuitive and responsive giving users the confidence to use the technology.

“Customers are choosing Sharp BIG PAD for a number of reasons,” says Angela Townsend, Sharp UK Sales Manager. “For those with offices operating around the world, our 24/7 warranty is vital.”

Sharp offers a three year warranty that guarantees 24/7 operation on selected displays: “If we have 24/7 in the specifications of our models that means we guarantee it will work around the clock, seven days a week ideal for mission critical environments. We believe we were the first manufacturer to offer this as a genuine guarantee.”

Switching to BIG PAD can dramatically change the way you work, and the capabilities of your board room: “With the addition of BIG PAD, work spaces can switch from having a projector on the ceiling, a dry whiteboard on the wall and a flip-chart in the corner of each room to a fully-interactive display with all the benefits this brings.”

Interactive displays are replacing older style projectors and the inherent issues the technology is saddled with. From low image resolution and shadowing created by projector technology, to the degradation of image quality over time and the constant need to replace bulbs, projectors have filled a need but they simply can’t meet the needs of a highly-productive 24/7 work environment.

By getting rid of the projector and replacing it with a Sharp BIG PAD interactive display, you have a screen with a wide viewing angle that can be better viewed from around the room, is interactive and comes with the ability to share data from mobile devices, so you’ve got a much more effective way of handling data and of sharing information.

For those who need flip-chart functionality, you’ll find that Sharp Pen Software can simplify your workflow. While previously someone would have to make notes, then type them up and share, with the Sharp BIG PAD this is not necessary.

You can use the display to make notes and then convert it to text so that at the end of a meeting, or brainstorm, notes are stored securely in an electronic format. Not only can Pen Software save written notes it can also be used as an area to copy and paste electronic data from your PC. It can also receive information from up to 50 devices which are connected wirelessly via Display Connect.

What’s more, as it’s stored in electronic format, it can be safely sent to the meetings attendees, as well as backed up online for future use. “This is true information automation,” says Angela.

Sharp is increasingly finding its devices being run in ever more extreme environments, from work spaces that run around the clock to more specialised and unique locations. In all these instances, Sharp works closely with the client for the best results.

For many customers, the Sharp BIG PAD PN-80TC3 isn’t simply changing the way they work; it’s helping transform their business. It allows for true collaboration, 24 hours a day, regardless of location.

If you’d like to find out more about Sharp interactive displays, arrange a demonstration and discuss how it can help turn your business into a 24/7 operation.


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