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Skywell paves way for MVRRS to exceed business sustainability targets

National training provider MVRRS Training Ltd aims to inspire its learners with a range of corporate training services from its 5 regional offices. Because the organisation offers training packages on business and office sustainability, MVRRS needed an environmentally sustainable water solution to bring its head office in line with its own green policies, whilst keeping its employees hydrated and productive.

The challenges

Limited ways of evidencing office sustainability

Firstly, because MVRRS delivers bespoke business training to organisations from its own offices, their appearance is of utmost importance. Whilst considering the technology at the Newport head office, MVRRS Finance Director Chris Churcher did not think that their existing water cooler aligned with their green message because of its reliance on plastics, so he endeavoured to improve its image with visitors and clients.

A plastic-reliant water cooler presented its own internal issues. Chris says: “our cooler was fine, but a lot of the training we do through MVRRS is based around environmental sustainability and it’s a message we think is really important. The fact our cooler used plastic barrel refills and single use plastic cups didn’t sit comfortably at all.” As well as eliminating plastic waste internally, Chris wanted to track the amount of water being used at the mains, reduce waste and environmental footprint, and in turn bring down MVRRS’s monthly water bill. 

In addition to training on green policies, MVRRS offers training on implementing policies to help with staff health and wellbeing. Chris’ goal was to make the workforce healthier by encouraging them to drink more water - keeping their minds hydrated and thinking clearly. “Wellbeing is a huge talking point” says Chris, “as we know, drinking plenty of water has a range of health benefits. Our staff wanted to drink more, but didn’t have a way of monitoring their intake.”

Lastly, as a proud winner of the Green Apple Award in 2017, MVRRS wanted to apply for the award again to draw attention to its ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, but lacked the means to evidence it.

The solution

A smarter way of refreshment

Cost effective and convenient, Sharp’s solution was to install the intuitive Skywell® 5TE Atmospheric Water Generator. With its immaculate chrome finish, this one-of-a-kind product was proposed to fit seamlessly into its surroundings at MVRRS Training Ltd. This would not only look impressive to clients and visitors, but also clearly demonstrate that the company takes its business sustainability policies seriously by eliminating the use of plastics. 

Skywell generates up to 18 litres of clean drinking water per day by taking in atmospheric moisture. The smart water cooler was therefore proposed to remove the company’s reliance on plastics like barrel refills and cups, which incidentally also contribute to air pollution when transported in cars and vans. Chris says: “Sustainability and protecting the environment is massively important for our business, so when we learned about a water cooler that could create water from thin air without any of the harmful plastic by-products, at first we thought it was too good to be true, but after a demonstration I felt it would complement our business so much.”

The next stage in smart water consumption, Skywell would also allow staff to track how much water they were consuming on an individual basis by utilising personal hydration profiles. Tailored to each employee, staff would be able to set daily targets to encourage them to drink more water, keep their brains healthy, and boost productivity. Skywell’s 6-stage filtration process would also ensure that the water being used was much purer than the water staff were drinking from the mains. 

A truly innovative water solution, Skywell’s interactive touchscreen display panel would not just provide users with updates on the amount of water they are consuming, but also the amount of plastic they would stop from entering landfill in real-time. These figures would also be useful evidence when applying for the coveted Green Apple Award.

The result

An agile, connected, hydrated workforce

The installation of Skywell has elevated the overall appearance of MVRRS’s Newport head office. Chris says: “everyone comments on how smart and stylish it looks, it’s a great talking point with anyone that steps into our office!” Having shared an image of Skywell on social media, Chris adds: “we had our most engagement on social media ever, over four and a half thousand likes. I think it’s because the product is so unique and so intriguing, we now have people interacting with our business that wouldn’t normally which is fantastic.”

Because Skywell reduces the use of plastics, Chris is confident that MVRRS will reach its sustainability targets, he says: “safeguarding the environment is so important at home but also in business, and what we’ve now been able to do is work towards saving the planet from plastic waste that would normally end up in landfill or in our oceans.” The move towards a greener office with Skywell has also progressed Chris’ ambition for MVRRS to achieve a second Green Apple Award. Chris comments: “Green Apple Awards are credited to businesses that undertake global protection projects, so we’re going to do a 3-6 month-long project around Skywell, we’re already noticing amazing results on things like recycling.”

Crucially, Skywell has helped MVRRS benefit from a hydrated, productive workforce. Around 20 office regulars use the water generator daily, increasing their intake of water. Chris says: “I’ve noticed a huge improvement in myself but also in the amount of water our staff are drinking. The hydration profiles let them monitor their intake, so it’s really increasing staff wellbeing. Keeping our brains hydrated keeps us productive, and because it encourages our staff to drink more water they’re actually more productive which is brilliant for our business.”

Chris concludes: “Our staff are using Skywell to drink more water, they’re using the hot water function to make cups of tea, porridge and noodle pots, it’s quite funny because I normally see a few of the staff answering the on-screen trivia questions during their breaks. We’ve not even considered other providers because we love the product, I can’t recommend it highly enough!”


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