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Sharp supports modernisation of Eurolacke’s offices with efficient display solutions

Netherlands, 08-11-2019

When Euroloacke, exclusive distributor of Axalta powder coatings for the Netherlands, decided to completely modernise its offices, this involved more than merely creating new spaces and finding matching furniture. The company also decided to purchase new display solutions that had to fit seamlessly with the new office environment.

Purpose of the renovation

EUROLACKE aimed to create a fresh and modern look that would appeal to its target audience of architects and designers. It also wanted to draw more attention to its delivery reliability, technical support, knowledge and expertise, which have set it apart for many years. John Theewis, Director at EUROLACKE: “It was important for us to give the entire office a facelift. This has created an impressive atmosphere of an up-to-date interior, with a beautiful design and high-quality materials. This way, we inspire our target audience as soon as they step through our doors and it shows that we really know our business. This new interior really lets us express that.”

The company chose the 80-inch interactive whiteboard and as far as the other products are concerned, EUROLACKE relied mainly on expert advice from Sharp. In addition to several smaller screens (49, 60 and 70-inch) in the conference rooms and in the restaurant, a 90-inch display, the largest screen size in Sharp’s product line-up, adorns the new Experience Centre. This brings the space where EUROLACKE shows extensive information on its activities and powder coatings, for instance, to a whole new level.  The 90-inch screen has been entirely integrated into a dedicated wall and displays inspiring images that are immediately visible to anybody entering the room. The images complement elements such as the trend magazine that EUROLACKE publishes and the colour collections the company offers.

The screen is also used for presentations. Thanks to the bundled Barco ClickShare system, which lets you share content wirelessly, presentations are a piece of cake. Any user can share content easily from smartphones, tablets and laptops. This makes it easy to show both the façade builder’s technical drawings and the architect's impression of the building on the same screen in the Experience Centre to both the construction company and the architect. “It lets us all see the details and the future end result at a glance, which benefits collaboration,” says Theewis.

“It was important for us to give the entire office a facelift. This has created an impressive atmosphere of an up-to-date interior, with a beautiful design and high-quality materials.

John Theewis, Director at EUROLACKE

Sharp also supplied the Barco ClickShare system and ceiling brackets to mount the various displays. This was the most appropriate solution, since a large part of the EUROLACKE offices consists of glass walls. Sharp also shared its thoughts on how to maintain the office's fresh, modern look by working any additional wiring for the products supplied into the walls to hide it from view.

“It was a delightful process. We were able to do business with Sharp
directly. Thanks to these short lines, communication went very smoothly. I get the impression that this makes Sharp unique.”

John Theewis, Director at EUROLACKE

Short lines of communication and a pleasant experience

All in all, Theewis is very happy with the collaboration between Sharp and EUROLAKE: “It was a delightful process. We were able to do business with Sharp directly. Thanks to these short lines, communication went very smoothly. I get the impression that this makes Sharp unique. Obviously, there are always things that do not go as expected and we ran into a few challenges. Custom fitting the 90-inch screen into the wall, for example. But Sharp managed to find appropriate solutions for such situations. So,
I would recommend Sharp to other companies. Their product range is good, they meet their commitments, they offer well consideredadvice and any problems that may occur are solved neatly. Should we ever choose to expand our display collection, I know who I can call on.”

Arjen Spithoven, Visual Solutions Account Manager at Sharp: “The EUROLACKE project showed us perfectly that every room has a different purpose. We used these purposes to determine our execution. This gave us an excellent opportunity to show the breadth of our offer in display solutions and the diversity of the applications in which they can be used, ranging from information provision to training. EUROLACKE gave us the freedom to share our thoughts on future-proofing the company. And the display solutions selected guarantee them up-to-date technology and a modern look for at least five years.”

Overview of the display solutions supplied

2x PN-Y496 – 49-inch display
1x PN-Q701E – 70-inch display
1x PN-Q601E – 60-inch flat panel display
1x PN-Q901E – 90-inch flat panel display
1x PN-80SC5 – 80-inch interactive whiteboard
2x Barco ClickShare
3x ceiling mount brackets

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