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Sharp Monochrome MFPs and the Buyers Lab Reliability Award

Sharp has been named the Most Reliable Monochrome Copier MFP Brand 2018–2021 by Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab’s analysts and is praised for reliability in the 2018 Western Europe Office Serviceability Study. Ben Lake, Senior Product Manager – MFP and Printer Products at Sharp Europe, discusses why that is important for your business.

No matter the size of your business, when it comes to document management, MFP reliability is a top priority. No-one wants a jammed or offline printer slowing down the office and impacting on everyone’s productivity. This is why we focus on reliability in every part of our design process and why we’re really honoured to receive the BLI award and the Serviceability Study endorsement.

The BLI award centres around two keys areas that are designed to help imaging equipment buyers choose the right machine for their business. The first is that all Sharp MFPs submitted for testing from 2012 until 2018 offered “excellent reliability, with tested devices completing testing with a misfeed rate of 1 per every, 183,333 impressions.”

According to Joe Ellerman, Manager of Lab Operations for Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab: “All of the Sharp Monochrome copiers we’ve tested to date have provided excellent reliability, with a misfeed rate that is lower than most of the competition. Downtime for service is one of the biggest complaints users have about document imaging machines, but the quality and robust design of Sharp’s monochrome products all but eliminate this issue.”

The BLI testing process is an exhaustive one, as you can well imagine, and the second part of the award focusses on the reliability of Sharp devices from an investment aspect. As Joe Ellerman points out in his report, “over the past five years, Sharp’s monochrome models have completed an astonishing total of 4.4 million impressions without a single service call, making them the most reliable choice among their peers.”

This highlights what we at Sharp have always known, that if your business is looking for a print solution that is truly reliable, offers a great user experience and helps reduce the overall running costs of your IT infrastructure then Sharp MFPs are the option for you.

2018 Western Europe Office Serviceability Study

In addition to the BLI award, Sharp was also praised for reliability in the 2018 Western Europe Office Serviceability Study. This is a report that takes in the opinions and views of 133 resellers and dealers across the UK, Germany, and France.

The study found that Sharp MFPs gave the best reliability in terms of out-of-box experience and planned duty cycles. This is important, as it confirms that whenever a dealer or customer receives an imaging device from us, it will live up to expectations.

For example, when we state that a consumable part has a life of a set number of pages, or an item requires service after a set number of pages, the dealer can plan their customer service visits, stocking and supply plans with the reassurance that additional costs will be avoided in the future.

We believe this is a key buying decision.  After all, every time a dealer must make an unplanned visit to a device in the field they incur additional costs.  The 2018 Western Europe Office Serviceability Study considers the accuracy of duty cycles of the manufactures devices, this recognition means that Sharp dealers and resellers know exactly how much it’s going to cost them to place and service Sharp devices at their customers.

This reliability of devices is something that is built into the very DNA of Sharp MFPs and printers. From the design stage through to manufacturing in our own factories, the experience of the people using our devices is our highest priority.

If you would like to know more about any aspect of the Sharp range of MFPs and how their reliability can help improve the workflow of your office and a great return on your investment, Get In Touch for a demonstration.


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