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Sharp Innovations Display at Biennale Innovation 2017

Dedicated to understanding the strategic impact of Industry 4.0, the third Biennale Innovation took place in Venice, Italy, 23rd - 24th May 2017. Sharp Italia was there as an event partner, to provide support and showcase some of our latest technologies.

The theme of Biennale Innovation this year was  Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, which describes the next big change in the way things are made. It concerns the new trends of automation, connection and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, for example, how the Internet of Things can connect devices together, making production easier and more efficient. 

The two-day event was organised by Ca 'Foscari Venezia University, in collaboration with the eight Universities of Triveneto. Nine deans, 50 speakers, and 100 entrepreneurs and top managers met to discuss and share in-depth studies of Italy’s manufacturing industry, to discover new growth opportunities.

At the event, Sharp showed how its cutting edge technologies, including robotics, mechatronics and ICT, could be used to support Italian companies. Sharp also provided a BIG PAD interactive display for the Total Wall installation (details below) and a display for ‘Sound Design for Innovation,’ a show held during the Gala Dinner.

BIG PAD 70TW3 with Fly Case

In true Venetian-style, five Sharp BIG PAD 70TW3 interactive displays arrived by boat, each inside a Fly Case for protection.

The Total Wall

To give the audience a dynamic and engaging experience, a Total Wall was constructed to share social conversations about the event, including photos and videos shared by the public, and real-time tweets.

The Total Wall is a multichannel summary that displays multiple sources of information about an event on a single screen.

Strategy Innovation Hub

Sharp Italia is also a partner in another innovative project, the Strategy Innovation Hub. The Hub is a meeting point between industry and academia which aims to share innovative ideas, and create successful business models, supporting future generations of entrepreneurs. All of the equipment in the Hub, including printers and interactive displays, are provided by Sharp.

Sharp is delighted to be a partner in Biennale Innovazione, not only because it's a great platform to showcase Sharp's innovation and technology in a city filled with art and culture, but it's a great opportunity to meet institutions, businesses, managers and students.

If you would like to know more about Sharp and how our technologies can help your business, please Get In Touch.


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