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Sharp Displays for Huddle Spaces: Small, Informal Meeting Rooms

If you're looking to set up a fast meeting, Sharp's BIG PAD displays for Huddle Spaces are the perfect solution. Now available in two sizes to give you more options to turn any area into an effective meeting space.

We understand that while some meetings are large and formal, others tend to be spontaneous, needing to be started quickly and wrapped up just as fast. Such meetings often take place in informal ‘Huddle Spaces’ as they have come to be known.

The huddle meeting is the reason we developed a new range of interactive displays that are smaller than normal BIG PAD displays, but offer the same benefits of a connected touchscreen, perfect for placing in informal meeting spaces.

It was back at ISE 2017 that we introduced our first Huddle Space monitor, the 40-inch Sharp BIG PAD PN-40TC1. At ISE this year, we expanded the range with our second touchscreen display for huddle spaces, the new 50-inch BIG PAD PN-50TC1 also with Mini OPS PC.

The Mini OPS slot allows for clean and tidy integration of a wireless module (optional), which lets people easily connect and share from their own smart devices (BYOD) to the screen.

At ISE 2018, we showed a huddle space BIG PAD within piece of furniture called the Cocoon to show how the screen can be integrated into different types of office set-up, and create a meeting room wherever one is needed.

Because this particular huddle space is designed to be situated in an open plan office – as opposed to a meeting room with a door – there is a fair degree of soundproofing in the walls and the roof so that anything you discuss within the huddle stays within the huddle, keeping information private and confidential. It also includes a camera for video conferencing, again benefiting from the sound insulation to contain noise.

At Sharp, we’re continuing to find new ways and solutions to help you and your organisation be more efficient, productive, and secure. Sharp’s huddle spaces are just one of these ways. The Cocoon set up featured is available to buy in the UK.

If you want more information about how Sharp’s huddle spaces can help your business, please Get In Touch.


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