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Sharp BIG PAD in the classroom

UK, 02-11-2019
Teachers at Woodchurch High School have been discovering how Sharp’s BIG PAD can enhance teaching and improve pupil engagement.

Woodchurch High School opened in 2010. The short-throw projectors they had been using since then were reaching the end of their lives and the management team were looking for a suitable alternative. They wanted something that not only offered the capabilities they were already used to, but new features and new ways of teaching.

The solution they found was the Sharp BIG PAD interactive flat panel display, and after a successful trial 70 displays have been installed in different classrooms.

From being able to open documents on screen, to allowing visually impaired children the ability to zoom in, the screens have become highly engaging, accessible- for-all tools that deliver an immersive learning experience.

Watch their story here:

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